Prison Break’s Awesome Finale!

One chapter of my television viewing habits recently came to a close. Fox’s Prison Break recently ended and it was clearly time. The first season was great, the second season was okay and the rest of the series was good, although never as good as the first season. In case you haven’t seen the show, it’s a lot like watching basketball. The good guys against the bad guys and everyone scores a ton of points in every episode. It got a little monotonous, but was always a good watch.

Anyway, the guys over at the show sat down and said, “It’s time to end the series. People just aren’t buying into it anymore. How can we really make this show go down in a ball of flames so big no one will ever forget the finale?” I would love to slap the masterminds behind the final episode because it was pretty darn lame.

The final season was based around a storage device called “Scylla” that had all the world’s best technologies stored on it. Weapons technology, agricultural technology, and so much more. Whoever had the device would rule the world. So, the last season was a big battle for control of the device. Some people wanted it to use against their enemies and others just wanted to keep it from being used by anyone. So, what can you do to guarantee that it will never be used for evil and everyone in the world will benefit from this information?

If you’re thinking what I was thinking then you’re right! Give it to the UN! It goes without saying that the minds behind the Oil for Food scandal, the international sex scandal and the UN Human Rights Commision scandal would be the best ones to control this kind of information. They could probably right a lot of wrongs by giving this technology to Iran, Sudan, North Korea and all the other countries that have been beat up for no good reason. Blah blah blah…


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