The Left Evolving Backwards

With all the thrilling talk lately about Ida, I guess this is another excuse to wonder about Darwinian ideas. Of course, I’m joking about Ida being thrilling. I think it was news for about half a day and then no one cared again.

So, the left pushes Darwin on everyone else. The right pushes religion. I think this is true generally enough that I can make those assumptions. I’ve already asked the question before, but to briefly recap, the left insists that we all accept homosexuality as a normal lifestyle, while simultaneously preaching that we all evolved. This means that homosexuality is a defect that will ultimately lead to the extinction of gays. AGAIN, let me state that this is what the left believes and isn’t even close to what I personally believe.

So, how does this line of thinking apply to our economy? Companies and people that are big and successful must give what they have to the weak and helpless. I believe the general idea behind Darwinism is that the strong survive while the weak die off. So, why should the wealthy be forced to give to the poor? Shouldn’t the lefties leave the rich (strong) alone and let the poor (weak) fight for themselves? If evolution is going to be shoved down our throats then why don’t those who espouse evolution practice what they preach?

I guess the left hasn’t always been such a bunch of hypocrites. Not that long ago, they not only preached evolution but also got involved in their communities and tried to speed up the process. But they were also taxing the wealthy at >80% at the same time, so I guess they always have been hypocrites.

If evolution is so great and everyone who disagrees is a fool, then why do those on the left refuse to let it work? I believe that evolution applied to the economy is called capitalism. And evolution applied to sexuality is bigotry. And hypocrisy applied to liberalism is called typical.

I was going to end it there, but let me anticipate an argument. I suppose it could be argued that compassion for the poor and sexually-disoriented is what makes us human – the result of the miracle of evolution. Whether we arrived at this point in time as the result of millions of years of gene-refinement or much quicker thanks to God, the end result is the same. And that’s not a good thing for the lefties.

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