One Classy Sculpture!

I should preface this article by saying that some are sure to be offended and others will agree. To be more specific, of the two people who read this the reaction will be split. That’s assuming that both people are still reading.

I don’t follow local news and I certainly don’t go out of my way to find out what’s going on in our area. I am inadvertently exposed to local news occasionally and I never find myself wanting more. If it’s important I usually hear about it on the radio. Today I glanced over the RGJ Neighborhood paper that they send in the mail every so often (weekly maybe?). They featured an article about an art-piece that the city council was going to install at Virginia Lake. The link to the article is here:

Council rethinks Virginia Lake sculpture

The article contains a picture of the proposed sculpture, but since the RGJ has a practice of extorting money for articles beyond a certain date I have also saved the picture for future reference should this link break.

EDIT: The link broke. Here’s the picture:

Virginia Lake Proposed Sculpture

The article indicates that the council wanted a sculpture that “represent[s] Hispanic culture”.  The debate seems to center around whether the sculpture appropriately represents Hispanic culture or whether it presents a “‘goofy’ caricature of Hispanic culture.” First, why does the city council think we need to spend $67,439 representing Hispanic culture? I believe public art should represent the public. Art should represent Northern Nevadans and Reno.

This leads to my second question: why does it matter how the Hispanic culture is represented? It seems that generally speaking there is little respect shown by Hispanics – especially illegals – toward America in general. They don’t respect our borders or our language. Based on the number of illegals in jail for felony crimes, it is obvious they don’t respect our laws. There is a flood of illegal immigrants coming to our country and they want to make America just like the country they are fleeing. To thank them for what they are doing to the United States, we try to be nice and make a statue to celebrate their culture. So, again, who cares how they are represented?

Immigration is what made this country great, but it only helps the country and the immigrant if assimilation is part of that process. Illegal immigrants certainly show no desire to assimilate and it’s certainly not legal immigrants that are flowing into our country like water through a broken dam.

I don’t think I’m that different from other Americans when I say that I don’t have a problem with Mexico generally. I can’t begin to thank them enough for Del Taco – it’s really delicious. I don’t appreciate having the spanish language shoved in my face on ballots, tax forms, Burger King wrappers and so on. I don’t like having downtown shut down for Cinco de Mayo when we don’t show the same respect to our own great country. Least of all, I hate that illegals from Mexico are forcing Americans to adopt a caste system, which we have been free from since the founding of our country.  Everyone deserves better than that – Mexicans most of all.

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