MT v. WP – Death Match

Have you ever tried to live multiple lives? Maybe you had two wives and two sets of kids. Or, worse yet, you pretend to be an Obama-loving-democrat but then secretly read Ann Coulter columns when you think no one is watching? Well, that’s essentially nothing like my situation, except that I, too, have been cheating on someone I love.

For years now I’ve been using both WordPress and Movable Type. It seemed that each tool had something I liked that the other didn’t. I plodded along, afraid to make a commitment. Today it finally clicked and I realized that I hate Movable Type. All that pent-up frustration finally gelled into a solid opinion.

You may be surprised to know that no part of my decision was based on the fact that our supreme leader, President Barack Obama, uses Movable Type. I’m not going to go into the pros and cons of each but here is a quick list of the factors that pushed me over the edge:

  • MT seems torturously slow compared to WP
  • Comment management in WP is awesome compared to MT
  • There is no easy way to create and manage a blogroll in MT
  • I am not a fan of “assets”

Of course, NevadaBrad has always run on WP – quite well, I might add. Any deficiencies or lameness fall squarely on my shoulders and not on WP.

There very well may not be any factual basis in my points, but, then again, that never stopped a democrat from talking.


  1. Rick Mitchel   •  

    Can you provide me with ratings for the weekday drive time?

    Is Bill Manders so popular that KKOH continues to support and keep his program active?

    Where does Bill Manders stand in the ratings?

  2. NevadaBrad   •     Author

    That’s an interesting question. I’ll need to do some research before answering, but my guess is that Bill Manders is fairly popular. Once I get more information I’ll post a follow-up. Thanks for the comment…


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