Blinding Evil Light

This world is a terribly evil place. I was starkly reminded of this last night as I was leaving my house to get some groceries. Before I even left my street I could see a hideous flashing in the distance. This was particularly disturbing because previously our little neighborhood had been shielded from the obnoxious glow of downtown lights. Now, thanks to Clear Channel, we had our own little piece of downtown right in our own backyard! It was as if the gaming floor of the Peppermill had been transplanted right next door. The sign was painful to look at. Most disturbingly, though, was the fact that I was several miles away. Once you came closer to the sign (driving down the freeway, for example) it became blinding. I’m not exaggerating, either.

You may remember a few years back that the voters overwhelmingly voted to restrict the propagation of billboards. To sneak around the issue the billboard companies have torn down smaller, older billboards and in their place constructed much larger signs. Now, they are using electronic billboards. I thought electronic signs were illegal in Reno, but apparently not. The city council probably had another secret vote, much like when they approved Station Casinos’ plan privately after rejecting the plan publicly. It’s not quite that black and white, but you get the idea. Corruption abounds.

Since there is nothing I can do about it, I am simply going to list the companies that advertise on the electronic billboards and beg that you please do not patronize these businesses.

  • Boomtown Hotel and Casino
  • Charter
  • AT&T
  • Discovery Fellowship
  • Thermal Imaging Consultants, LLC
  • Dan Holmes Construction, LLC
  • ThermaDiagnostics, LTD
  • Gastroenterology Consultants, LTD
  • Women’s Self Defense (they don’t advertise what their business or organization is called)

Not everything on the billboard can be classified as evil. For example, there are ads for Secret Witness and Bring Bri Justice. Truly noble things to put on a billboard, but certainly the wrong medium. Also, Galena has an ad on the billboard. There isn’t a way to take business away from them so they fall into some unnamed category.

I would encourage you to take time to contact your city council member and let them know that you disapprove of billboards, especially electronic billboards.

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