Evil Light Update

Not long ago I contacted Sharon Zadra regarding the dangerous, obnoxious and illegal electronic billboard just north of Damonte on 395.

So what did Sharon say about this matter? Well, Sharon had someone else contact me regarding this issue. I couldn’t help but think how nice it would be if I had someone to do my job for me, but I digress.

I was contacted by Barbara DiCianno with the following information:

“In researching your question about the electronic billboard on the 395 Interchange, Planning Staff has advised that the sign in question is on Reno-Sparks Indian Colony property and was approved by that agency. Reno City Council will be reviewing revisions to the electronic billboard ordinance for signs located within the City of Reno jurisdiction.

“Please let me know if I can provide additional information. Thank you for your involvement in our community.”

So basically, if I read that right, the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony is not beholden to local laws and can do whatever they want even if it impacts the non-Colony land around them. Does that mean that terrorists can throw grenades onto the freeway as long as they do it from Colony property? I mean, the Colony agency would have to approve that, of course. If not, then where does the line get drawn? I know there’s always the tobacco and gaming stuff, but seriously, where’s the line? Illegal drugs? Illegal weapons?

I guess I just don’t understand when they have to obey local laws and when they don’t. Or is it tied to federal law? Now I’m just rambling, so I should get to the point. If someone chooses to go to Colony land – here or anywhere else – to gamble or buy tobacco, then that’s a choice that person makes. To use Colony land to impose an unsightly billboard to people who have no choice seems wrong, especially when the citizens of the community have voted and made their disdain for billboards clearly understood. When it’s commonly believed that there is a safety issue with these billboards and the City of Reno chooses to look the other way then it’s borderline reckless.

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