Where Did Ira Go Anyway?

And then Ira came back like winged mustang bursting through the clouds riding a rainbow that led to our beloved 99.1 FM Talk. He warmed our hearts and tickled our fancies and then, like Tessie, he was gone in a flash leaving everyone wondering whether he was every really there at all.

Ira’s return was much-hyped and eagerly anticipated. It seems strange that he slipped away without any warning or explanation. Or maybe I just missed the announcement.

We had a pretty good thing going on in radio for that little while. Two local hosts on competing stations during the same time slot. It was even more interesting because of their contrasting hosting styles. Bill Manders tends to have a lot of interaction with callers. Ira tended to have very intellectual monologues and seemed to almost be distracted by people calling in. I’ve come to appreciate both styles, but I will admit that the quality of local callers is not always stellar (in fact, rarely terrestrial).

So what happened to Ira? Did Bill put a hit out on him? Did John Farahi finally shut him down? At first you would occasionally hear Lars Larson when Ira wasn’t on. It started happening more frequently, then it became permanent.

Ira’s web page hasn’t been updated since March. No trace of Ira’s name can be found on the KKFT web page. I can’t find any news stories or blog stories about what happened. Strangely, Ira’s biographical tag at the end of his columns still lists that “his radio talk show can be heard Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. on 99.1 FM.” And that’s as recently as four days ago.

If Ira made an announcement that he was ending his show I would love to know what went down. If anyone has any information please let me know.

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