Face(book) the Facts

I’m not sure why, but all my Facebook friends are big libs. I haven’t added anyone, but several people have added me. One blessing is that I get keen insight into what kind of people voted for our supreme leader, President Barack Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm). I imagine some of these are average people that you might find waiting in line at Wal*Mart; however, some of these people spew some serious ugliness.

I believe that most people are decent people, but there are some psychos on every edge of the political spectrum. I also believe that the liberal/progressive edge stretches much further toward the center than you see with other political ideologies. Those on the left repeatedly label people racists just because they don’t agree with them. I contend that the actual number of crazies on the left is proportional to how many racists they think there are on the right.

Rather than continue to babble, I include here a few comments found in the comments of my Facebook friends:

I’m not cheating I’m not a Republican thanks

raggio with the help of the Clark County repugliKKKans have been robbing the clark county treasury my whole life ! I think he even uses the money to dye his hair as it has been many different colors over the years ! He’s really cute when it’s that bright orange !

…democrats=the ones with the brain !

Will they stop by and visit with the “C” street terrorist ensign in his bordello ?

Full disclosure – I clipped out some parts of the comments that were not specific to the point, but I did not change the intent in any way. I’ll also admit that most of these comments came from one angry person.

I will also state that there were a (very) few kind words about Bill Raggio that came from this group. And I would be negligent if I declined to mention that there is a conservative involved in many of these discussions that is seemingly incapable of making an intelligent point. To this person: I’m sorry if you ever read this, but someone needed to tell you.

Many comments described disappointment at leaders that voted against SB 283. One person chimed in with a comment about gay marriage not being ordained of God. One response read thus:

Which god ? john ensigns ???? newt gingrich’s ??? bush’s ???
cheney’s ???? hamas ????? pedophile priests ???? dali llama ?? the polygamy god ???there are so many that keep women as slaves and concubines I get confused !

Bush’s name was actually spelled to include a profanity so I modified the spelling.

I’m curious if this is typical of discussions between liberals/progressives. When I talk with my like-minded friends, I never hear this type of speech. There is frustration that our political leaders do not listen to the people that elected them. There is discussion about corruption among our politicians, which is most rampant among the Democrats. These discussions involve specifics like Reid’s ties to trial lawyers and our supreme leader President Barack Obama’s (mmm, mmm, mmm) unarguably dishonest entry into the political scene. There is talk about Al Franken’s loss in his senate run, followed by repeatedly recounting the votes until he showed a win. ACORN was involved in this race and it is obvious beyond all doubt that ACORN is a very bad organization.

The point is that among my friends I never hear ugly personal attacks about others regardless of how strongly we disagree. Attacks are always based on specific facts, even if some disagree on how to interpret the facts. (William Jefferson was testing ways to save money. Freezing is how you save food, right?)

When I read the discussion among my Facebook buddies there is one thing I have never read: Intelligent discussion or debate about anything. I understand that the smart people probably sit back and shake their heads while they let the less thoughtful go at it. I guess all I’m looking for is some thoughtful and insightful argument between people whom I don’t agree with. I’ll need to look elsewhere.

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