Let Me Know How That Works Out For You

I recently received a visit from Captain Obvious. It seems that both KJFK and KBZZ are owned by Americom Broadcasting. Oddly enough, Americom also owns four highly rated music stations, including Sunny 106.9. I’ve been trying to figure out why a company that owns so many successful stations would insist on trying to keep two unsuccessful talk stations alive. The music stations are acting like life support for KJFK and KBZZ. Unfortunately, there’s no hope of the talk stations being revived because the brains have been removed.

Michael Savage was mercifully removed from 99.1 FM Talk’s lineup and has now appeared on KBZZ from 3p-6p. Savage is lined up against Bill Manders on KOH and Lars Larson on KKFT. The full announcement can be read on KBZZ’s web site.

Savage is a tough one for me to understand. He didn’t last long on KKFT – about 9 months, I think. If I remember correctly he was on KOH for about 5 years. So, if the length of time Michael Savage lasts on a station is relative to the stations popularity then he should be on KBZZ until the end of the week. If he’s lucky. Michael Savage was ranked 3rd on the 2009 Talkers 250. According to Savage, “I guess people love my show because of my hard edge combined with humor and education”. I have another theory. First, we know that no one ever listened to Air America. We also know that, at least in Reno, Michael Savage is not successful on “conservative” talk radio stations. So, if conservatives aren’t listening to Michael Savage and no one is listening to crazy-lefty radio stations then we can safely deduce that the only people listening to Michael Savage are the crazy-lefties who think Savage is typical of conservative talk radio and they are trying to collect incriminating evidence against conservatives.

Just for the record, I listened to Michael Savage for a short while when he started on KOH. I also own a copy of The Savage Nation and have even read it. But then I wised-up and never looked back.

Speaking of programming changes, I also see that Cory Farley jumped from KBZZ to KJFK. Pros: KJFK is probably more in line with Farley’s politics, KJFK needs to fill up the programming now that Air America is deceased, KJFK has more listeners. Cons: I can’t really think of any. I mean, if Cory Farley switches stations and no one’s around to hear it, well, you know how it goes.

As I’ve mentioned before, Cory Farley can be downright hilarious. But when he talks about politics he’s unfunny and mean (kind of like how I am all the time). Given the dismal situation that Americom’s talk stations find themselves in I am interested to see how these changes affect their ratings. One things for certain – there’s nowhere to go but up.

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