This Island America

For years we’ve been told how precious our planet is. It’s one of a kind. It’s the only Earth we’ve got. After years of bludgeoning the ozone with our CFCs and warming the planet with our carnivorous lifestyles, we’re finally starting to come around. We bring our Earth-friendly shopping bags to the store and we carefully try to reduce the temperature of our breath before exhaling. No one is more vigilant about preserving Mother Earth than those on the left. While those on the right are more into exercising “dominion” over the earth, the lefties have selflessly turned their lives over to the planet to protect what fragile life may still be left in her.

While this liberals and progressives will stop at nothing to find the medicine that will finally reduce Earth’s imaginary fever, they bare their hypocrisy when it comes to an imminent threat that is very real. If the the Earth is a lone oasis in a hostile universe then the United States is no less so. The world is full of hostile governments that exercise ruthless control over their populations. Even fairly free societies such as England make no bones about watching their citizens from cameras installed on every corner or denying people the right to bear arms. The United States is an island where people can believe and say whatever they want. Life and liberty are guaranteed. At least that’s the way it used to be.

Now, the same people who to control what kind of light bulbs we use for the sake of the planet are willing to annihilate an oasis that is no less miraculous than our incredible planet. People can go anywhere in the world and see progressive ideas in effect. Of course, this is especially true of health care since socialized medicine is available just about anywhere else you go. And yet America has a fantastic health care system – the best in the world. Somehow they did it without the government running it.

So, why can’t the lib-progs leave us alone? Why can’t they show the same interest in protecting America that they do protecting the planet from fictitious man-made climate change? America did not become the greatest country on Earth because of how hard we tried to be like everyone else. We need to take a stand. Harry Reid, Shelley Berkley and Dina Titus need to be thrown out for what they’ve done. Instead of standing for liberty and freedom they trampled our rights. Instead of giving everyone a chance to succeed they voted to make people dependent on the government.

The politicians in Washington are counting on people tiring of the debate before the November elections. Let’s show Washington that Obamacare is not a cure – it’s a festering wound and it’s only going to get worse between now and November. The cure is to clean the filth out of Washington and elect people who will restore our freedoms.

If you listen to Obama he will tell you to give America the painkiller instead of opting for the life saving surgery. He wants you to forget what they’re doing in Washington. We owe the United States of America – the greatest nation in the history of the world – at least the same respect that we show our planet. We have nowhere to retreat and the threat is real. Let’s choose the surgery and cut out the disease in Washington this November.

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