Ow. My Ears Are Bleeding

I finally did it. I turned on KJFK and took a listen. Fortunately, I have a limited amount of time to listen to the radio, which is a good thing when you’re listening to KJFK. It immediately became clear why listenership is low on leftie stations. The hosts were petty, condescending and mean and rarely did I hear an intelligent argument put forward. This was a stark difference from what you usually hear on conservative talk radio. Worst of all, the entertainment factor was about zero.

When I listened to the liberal talk station I heard basically the same thing over and over. The right is afraid. The reason they are afraid is because they are so full of hate. Almost every caller called in to repeat that fear comes from hatred and hatred leads to violence.

Let me throw out some examples of things I heard that seem to exemplify liberal talk radio. Unfortunately, I don’t have exact quotes because I was driving at the time, but I will make an honest effort to objectively paraphrase what I heard.

– Randi Rhodes wanted to know who is more like the Nazis – People who throw bricks through windows or people who don’t throw bricks through windows? (Answer: Republicans are Nazis because some person, presumably associated with the tea party movement, may have thrown a brick through a window.) She also explained that the tea party movement is the result of middle-aged and senior white men who live in terror because America is changing and they are being left out. Also, she does not like Rush Limbaugh.

– Cory Farley is losing faith in people because of the reaction over Obamacare.

– Bill Press related a story about an armored car accident that left $20 bills scattered all over the street. He then related that if he found money all over the street he would steal it and not give it back. On the bright side, I heard him having a fairly thoughtful discussion about Afghanistan with a guest (although I wonder if the discussion was as thoughtful during the Bush years).

– Thom Hartmann opined that the Republicans have been hijacked by violent extremists and that there is no moderation left in the party.

I was interested to hear Cory Farley express that most people are either idiots or evil because they oppose Obamacare (my words). And although presented in a flippant manner, I was shocked to hear that Bill Press has no problem with stealing and would join in himself if given the chance. Perhaps that’s why he likes Obamacare. Among all the ridiculous comments, what I never heard was any kind of logical debate or argument. The conservatives were constantly labeled as racists and hateful fear-mongers. For example, one caller called in to ask if what he had been hearing from his conservative friends about Obamacare was true. The answer from the host was basically this: of course it’s not true! They’re just a bunch of fearful, hateful extremists! Did the host address the question? Not at all.

It also seemed clear that they never want to miss a chance to by hypocrites. Just to pick one small example, I heard a discussion about how spitting on a politician is a federal crime and the person who did it should be put in prison. I don’t recall any outrage over Cynthia McKinney assaulting a police officer (is that a crime?). But if you spit a little when you pronounce your P’s you should probably just be sent to the electric chair. Except the death penalty is bad. But since you spit when you talk to a politician we’ll make an exception.

So, it is painfully clear that the left is trying to focus on the racist, fear-mongering, spitting tea party so that no one will talk about Obamacare. They are hoping that between now and the November elections America will forget what our politicians just did to us. The lefties lack the ability to understand some simple concepts. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! And the only thing we fear is having all of our rights being taken away. Even if you disagree, can you please acknowledge that it is indeed a terrifying thought to have your basic rights stripped from you? Instead of stoking the flames of hatred why don’t you try to explain why the actions of our government will not lead to fewer freedoms?

I think the bottom line is this: the libs attack people because they can’t win a debate on issues. But people are smart and they see through that tripe. That’s why people like Limbaugh and Beck are so successful while leftie hosts enjoy a generally small audience. Although the lefties brand conservative hosts as bigots and fear-mongers DON’T BELIEVE IT! Hannity uses a good biblical quote to summarize his views: “Let not your heart be troubled.” Glenn Beck constantly tells people that violence is not an answer to our problems. His message is that we need to be educated and then come together as a nation. Washington is leading us to a very dark place and we’ve got to help each other survive. This is what people tend to believe. Although the skies are cloudy now, the storm can’t last forever. Eventually the sun is going to come out.

So, I’ve done my duty – I tried listening to the other side. I would love to know if there is something I’m missing. Am I listening to the wrong hosts? Or at the wrong time? Or on the wrong day? If anyone has some advice please let me know.

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