Leftie Talk the Second

Against my better judgment I spent some more time listening to KJFK today. I was surprised to hear some reasonable progressive talk radio for the first time. And on two different programs, no less!

Bill Press was actually having a calm discussion with a guest about Obama’s offshore drilling announcement. Of course, they were critical of the announcement and talked about the president’s motives and so on. I didn’t agree with their viewpoint but it lacked the vitriol that I’m used to hearing from progressive talk.

I also listened to Randi Rhodes on the way home. Aside from having a completely bone-headed caller, her show actually had some decent content. The caller argued that taxes are not really taxes, but rather an investment in America’s future. Randi agreed and provided several examples of things that we invest in with taxes, such as health care. Incorrectly, both Ms. Rhodes and the caller declared that the right wants to eliminate funding for interstate highways. They seemed to be saying that conservatives are against all taxes, which is just absurd. I believe that even the most extreme conservatives will argue that taxes should be collected for roads and military. Ms. Rhodes then went on to say that corporations get all sorts of tax breaks and that government is the answer to that problem. She thinks that tax breaks need to go to the people and the small businesses rather than big corporations. She does not seem aware of the fact that only people pay taxes, not corporations. If a company is taxed more then more taxes are passed on to the customer. She thinks that corporations control Washington, which I think we can all agree on to some extent. It quickly became obvious that everyone seems to agree on what the problems are. The difference comes in the handling of the problems. I believe that the left will make the problem worse if they implement their “solutions”. I’m sure they think the same about the right. But they’re wrong.

Just before I turned the radio off I heard Randi make an interesting statement. She thinks that if she would only take up the conservative cause then she would have as much money and as many listeners as the top conservative talkers. She certainly has a favorable opinion of herself. Maybe I need to listen more, but I had to laugh that should would dare compare herself to the unnamed conservative hosts. Ms. Rhodes then explained that she believes so strongly in her cause that she is willing to put up with lower and pay and ratings in order to share her brilliant progressive ideas with the world. She is quite the martyr.

Then again, she has literally dozens of listeners and I just have a goofy little blog that even I don’t read.

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