From the Sharron-Angle’s-Too-Liberal Department

Today’s the big day. I can tell you right now what’s kind of sad – I’ve been preparing to stay up and watch election coverage for weeks now, but I didn’t know the World Series was going on. Because of a person sitting next to at work I knew the Giants were doing well, but I didn’t realize the series was over until I saw a blurb on a news site last night. Sports are not very exciting when compared to elections. Especially when it’s so much harder to get away with cheating in sports.

Speaking of cheating, I received a postcard last week from America’s Future Fund. The postcard advised me to not support Harry Reid OR Sharron Angle. I tried to find some information about the organization, but could not find much. They had a website, which has since been taken down to “re-brand”. This is undoubtedly because people were confusing them with American Future Fund, a legitimate conservative organization. There is a Facebook group for America’s Future Fund that was started in June; however, there is little activity on the page, except for a couple of shots at ObamaCare. I tried extracting some information about the organization from their web site, but they registered using Domains by Proxy. It is obvious that the group is trying to remain anonymous.

It seems pretty clear that this is a bogus group. Harry Reid cannot win honestly, so the next step is to try to shave votes away from Sharron Angle. By trying to paint her as just another politician the Democrats hope to steer conservatives away. I don’t know that Harry Reid is directly involved with this campaign, but I find it hard to believe he would be oblivious to it.

I would love to know more about America’s Future Fund if anyone has any information. My guess is that they will be going away since they have served their purpose. As always, dishonesty is the only policy when you’re a Democrat.

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