A Sad “No” to Brandi Anderson

It’s a horrible day. I’ve tried so hard to avoid the election season, at least from a commentary perspective. But today I am announcing something that grieves me terribly. I will be voting for Sharon Zadra, Reno City Council Ward 2. This decision is made as I sit perched directly across from Reno’s newest illegal electronic billboard. I’m sure you’re aware that I’m not a fan of Sharon Zadra by any standard, but I believe that her opponent’s mindset is dangerous.

Running against Sharon Zadra is Brandi Anderson. I was excited to support anyone who would oppose Ms. Zadra, but Brandi Anderson is too far out of step with the citizens of Reno to even be considered. Although the City Council position should be considered non-partisan, Brandi Anderson is certainly not non-partisan.

On her Facebook page she makes no effort to hide that she is a Democrat. Her Twitter page shows that she is obviously an Obamacare advocate. The people she “follows” are not run-of-the-mill progressives either. They are people like Rachel Maddow and Arianna Huffington. And outstanding news organizations like MSNBC.

I first became aware of Brandi’s political leanings when I noticed who campaigned for her. It was not your neighbor or the people down the street – it was the crazy career Democrats. Then the Democrats did a hit-and-run at our house where they dropped off a stack of mailers for Democrat candidates. There was Brandi Anderson smashed right up against Rory.

The country is suffering tremendously because of Obama’s disastrous progressive agenda. Even before the Obama regime the country had started down a dangerous path when Democrats began to retake control toward the end of Bush’s second term. President Bush even helped this trend by embracing TARP and Medicare reform (not the good kind). So the country is wounded.

States suffer similarly. The states with the biggest problems are the states run by Democrats. New York and California are perfect examples. This is also reflected in our cities – cities run by Democrats are the ones suffering the most. Detroit, New York City, Chicago and D.C. are good examples. The farther the city leans to the left, the more likely that education, taxes, homelessness and crime are out of control.

I believe that a city can easily rise or fall depending on political ideology. We need a city council that is pro-business and will help us get past our casino-based industry. We need someone who will lower taxes to encourage people to move here and bring business here. We need someone who will not impose a “temporary” tax every time they feel like digging a trench in the middle of town and then forget to remove the tax. You simply cannot trust that Brandi Anderson believes these same things.

As much as I hate the status quo, I believe Ms. Anderson is out of touch with our community. Please support Sharon Zadra in November (even though it is likely to be physically painful).

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