Tragedy Strikes Old South Virginia

Although I was recently thrilled at the emergence of marmots in the area, my enthusiasm began to wane last week. While driving down Old Virginia Street I came across a marmot in the road that had been hit by a car. While this is tragic enough by it’s own right, the situation worsened when a crow swooped down and began to pick at the carcass of the marmot. Fortunately, the crow took flight only a few seconds later as my truck approached the scene.

Not much later that day, I was again driving down the same road and spotted what appeared to be the same crow trying to dine on the marmot’s remains; however, when my truck came close enough to scare of the bird I quickly realized that it was a vulture, not a crow. I didn’t realize it until the bird started to fly away and it was obvious that the bird was far too large to be a crow. Additionally, the red on the head was a dead giveaway.

While I deeply regret the passing of one of our marmot friends, it’s also strangely interesting to see a vulture eating roadkill so far into town. That being said, I hope the marmot meat is poison to the vulture. I would love nothing more than to see a group of marmots picking away at the flesh of a dead vulture.

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