From Bad to Worse

As the country prepares for a brutal assault waged by the enemies of freedom, tragic news strikes a little closer to home.

I feel as though I’ve been cheated on. As though I walked in the room to find the one I love with another man. I’m speaking, of course, about the additon of Michael Savage to 99.1 FM Talk‘s lineup. This change is particularly damaging because it seems that the scales are beginning to tip back to KOH. KOH will now feature Mark Levin from 6p to 8p, the same time slot that Michael Savage will be on 99.1.

I’ve been wrong about some hosts in the past. For example, at one point I referred to Lars Larson in a way that was not entirely flattering. He is now one of my favorite hosts, even though I struggle with his opinion on the Compean/Ramos situation. (I don’t disagree with him, I just have a difficult time forming a solid opinion because his arguments are good but they go against what everyone else says. Thinking for myself is hard.) I find that you often have to listen to someone for quite a while before you really get a feel for what they’re about. Another good example of that would be Glenn Beck. I’ve been listening to him for years and it’s only within the last several months that I’ve begun to get a feel for his depth. He likes to act goofy, but he’s extremely intelligent and dead-serious about the topics he cares about.

Michael Savage is the opposite. When you first listen to him you you enjoy hearing someone speak so bluntly about topics that matter. But then it’s gets old. He starts to sound like a bitter person who no one wants to be around because he brings everyone down. I think I gave him a pretty fair shot. I listened regularly for  quite a while when he first came to KOH (as long as I could take it) and I read his first book. His ideas are actually very good. I think most people would agree with most of his opinions. Unfortunately, he is just plain unpleasant to listen to.

So, KOH owns me from 6p to 8p. Mark Levin is the bomb. I’m sorry FM Talk. We can’t keep seeing each if this is how you’re going to treat me.

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