How to Win an Election When You Can’t Possibly Win an Election

Following up on my previous post, the day of the election I received a letter, this time from “Independent Nevadans for a New U.S. Senate”. The message was the same as the one from America’s Future Fund: don’t support either candidate.

Whether Harry Reid mailed these messages personally or whether he assigned the task to one of his lackeys will probably remain forever unknown. One thing we do know is that it’s possible to cheat your way to victory. Either that or the people of Nevada are complete idiots. I’m going to stick with the cheating thing.

I mean, people are angry about the economy, unemployment, healthcare, taxes, spending, earmarks, and on and on, yet they re-elect Harry Reid? Is anyone seriously buying that?

I maintain my support for Sharron Angle. I believe she had as good a chance as any other candidate to win against Harry Reid. I also believe that if we had elected Sue Lowden then it wouldn’t have mattered whether Harry Reid won or not. I think it’s sad that Harry Reid based his whole campaign on calling American ideals “extreme” and “dangerous”. Without asking for compensation I am going to offer an idea for Harry Reid’s 2016 campaign. Here it is: “Power for me, free money for you. It’s win/win.”

I’ll admit, my idea is essentially identical to the campaign he just ran; however, it’s worded more clearly and it doesn’t include any attacks on anyone else. I don’t see how it can fail. Especially if the unions “support” Reid again next time around.

Until then, 15% is “really good”, but we can go higher! And we can’t do it without Reid.

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