Reno Talk Radio Market Review 2009 – Part I

Well, it’s that time of the decade again. It’s time to go through and give my biased, uneducated analysis of the Reno radio market. Today’s information will be pulled from Arbitron’s ratings published February 2nd, 2009, which reflect ratings for Fall 2008. For the sake of consistency, I’ll include all the same stations I’ve discussed in the past, but really I only care about three specific stations.

KBZZ (1270 AM) – KBZZ had a nice little ride going from 1.7 to 2.1 to 2.4 before plummeting back to 1.6. We’ll see what happens when the spring 2009 ratings come out. I don’t really care about this station for reasons I’ve discussed in the past, so I’ll move on…

KJFK (1230 AM) – KJFK has stayed fairly static. Their market share seems to flutter between 1.6 and 1.7. Even if one subscribes to a liberal point of view, the personalties on this station are so extreme that it loses all entertainment value. It’s like listening to a liberal version of Michael Savage all day, every day.

KKFT (99.1 FM) – KKFT had a very healthy .7% increase between the spring ’08 and fall ’08 ratings period. Their most recent share sits at 2.3. There are several things that make KKFT’s rise amazing. For starters, they are competing against a mammoth 50,000 watt AM station that has been around longer than any other station in Reno. KKFT operates on an extremely modest 410 watt FM transmitter located in Washoe Valley. Michael Savage, who was previously on KKOH, was recently added to their evening lineup. I can’t imagine this will help them, but then again some people like Savage. I think.

KKOH (780 AM) – After some tiny fluctuations in KOH’s market share they now show a gain of 3.3 market share to put them at 13.6. They are still number one in the Reno market with ratings almost double that of the next closest station (Sunny 106.9 at 7.8, in case you wanted to know).

Both KOH and 99.1 FM Talk showed extremely healthy gains this time. KOH had an increase of a little more than 24%, while 99.1 FM Talk’s gain was more than 30%! Is it because it was election year and more people were listening to talk radio? If elections make talk radio more popular, then I find it interesting that KJFK showed no significant gain.

Other than Savage, none of the stations have made any significant changes worth discussing. I’ve already discussed my thoughts on Michael Savage.

Huge congratulations to Jerry Evans on the success of his station. I hope it continues!

We’ll be back to talk about this again when the Spring 2009 numbers come out…

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