Sheep in Idiot’s Clothing

I was recently searching for a picture on deviantART when a familiar sight appeared before my eyes. I saw picture after picture representing George W. Bush and his associates as Nazis, most making a direct correlation between Bush and Hitler. Doctored pictures showed Rumsfeld dressed in an SS uniform and so on.

The comparison of Bush to Hitler became popular during the 2004 election, although this was certainly not the first time the comparison was made. Every anti-war rally features protestors holding up signs with swastikas and other messages painting Bush as a Nazi. This continues to be a dominating message from almost anyone who doesn’t like Bush. No one ever thinks of anything new – they just repeat the same tired old trash.

Have these people ever seriously thought about what they are saying? There are two tremendous flaws in their idiotic logic.

First, the obvious. Hitler was responsible for killing millions of people simply because of their beliefs. Whether you agree with the war or not, how can you possibly compare Bush to this kind of homicidal maniac? You can’t say that Bush feels the same toward Muslims. If he did, Muslim-Americans would be in internment camps working their way toward certain death. Not only has Bush said that we are not at war with Muslims, but he has taken no action that would lead anyone to believe that way. The war is against terrorists and Bush has made that clear.

The second flaw is in the comparison to Hitler itself. The intent of the comparison is to make Bush look as evil as possible. By doing this, they are acknowledging that Hitler was an exceptionally evil person. To take Hitler out of power, we had to go to war against him. Using the anti-war crowd’s own logic, we should have let Hitler move forward unchallenged so that he could dominate the planet. War is bad! Period! So, they shun Bush for going to war, while at the same time unintentionally agreeing that Hitler had to be taken out of power through war. This makes them hypocrites.

The thing that makes it all so insane is that no one thinks for themselves. No one seems to be able to come up with an original thought.

Consider this to be part one. More ranting coming soon…

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