Where Can I Get Some Whale Stew?

By no choice of my own, the show Whale Wars was on the TV this evening. This show featured Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, but was reminiscent of other groups such as Greenpeace. I will state that I didn’t watch the show long enough to speak with any knowledge of what the show was about. It essentially had something to do with terrorizing ships that were harvesting whales.

For the record, if a company is committing a crime then I don’t care what these people do. If Japanese whaling ships are whaling in Australian waters, for example, then do whatever you want to stop them. It isn’t a lot different from the Minuteman Project. If law enforcement is unable or unwilling to sufficiently police the territory, then let the citizens fill in the holes. If this is the full extent of the activities of these groups, then I’m behind them 100%.

Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. These eco-warriors often target ships simply because they disagree with the business of the ship, even though laws are being broken . I find it interesting that they often exhibit the cowboy attitude that these same people regularly accused George W. Bush of having. They do not respect the laws of country they are attacking and they themselves do not necessarily act within the confines of the law. In some cases they even endanger the lives of others.

It’s late and this is basically an incoherent mumbling. I guess the bottom line is that it’s awfully hypocritical for these people to go out and attack people that are performing business within the confines of the law. You cannot terrorize others simply because you disagree with them. Of course, this has always been a popular method for those on the left. As always, you can clearly identify their tactics simply by listening to what they are accusing the right of doing.

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