About NB

I’m a Nevada native – born in Reno and raised in Sparks. Not long after graduating from high school, I moved to Reno where I’ve been ever since. I love Reno because of the hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing and other activities that are uniquely superb in our area (but I’ve never skied in my life). I lament that our population is being diluted by people who don’t share the values that Nevadans cherish. Although Nevada industry includes gaming and other undesirable business, this does not reflect the common values of Nevada’s citizens. Nevadans are religious, family-oriented people. I believe Nevada needs to focus on diversifying it’s portfolio so that our state doesn’t get the wind knocked-out of it when the economy is rough. Like all good Northern Nevadans, I believe that if California ever secedes they should take Clark County with them.

Nevada BradI’m admittedly biased when it comes to just about everything; however, I also enjoy debate and reason. NevadaBrad.com serves a couple of purposes. Primarily, it provides me with an outlet to document some of the thoughts that I have from day to day. Sometimes these thoughts may be coherent and other times they may ramble. Secondarily, I hope it’s a place that readers can come to be entertained or enlightened. I tend to think that most of the thoughts I lay out make good sense, but don’t we all think that about our thoughts? If you disagree, present an intelligent counterargument and I would love to dig deeper into any of the topics I post about.

I consider myself to be a libertarian-leaning conservative, with strong constitutionlist tendencies; however, I believe boxes diminish the true complexity of political beliefs.

Everyone is welcome to comment (except for those lamer spammers) and I also welcome email. brad – at- nevadabrad -dot- com.