Evil Light Update

Not long ago I contacted Sharon Zadra regarding the dangerous, obnoxious and illegal electronic billboard just north of Damonte on 395.

So what did Sharon say about this matter? Well, Sharon had someone else contact me regarding this issue. I couldn’t help but think how nice it would be if I had someone to do my job for me, but I digress.

I was contacted by Barbara DiCianno with the following information:

“In researching your question about the electronic billboard on the 395 Interchange, Planning Staff has advised that the sign in question is on Reno-Sparks Indian Colony property and was approved by that agency. Reno City Council will be reviewing revisions to the electronic billboard ordinance for signs located within the City of Reno jurisdiction.

“Please let me know if I can provide additional information. Thank you for your involvement in our community.”

So basically, if I read that right, the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony is not beholden to local laws and can do whatever they want even if it impacts the non-Colony land around them. Does that mean that terrorists can throw grenades onto the freeway as long as they do it from Colony property? I mean, the Colony agency would have to approve that, of course. If not, then where does the line get drawn? I know there’s always the tobacco and gaming stuff, but seriously, where’s the line? Illegal drugs? Illegal weapons?

I guess I just don’t understand when they have to obey local laws and when they don’t. Or is it tied to federal law? Now I’m just rambling, so I should get to the point. If someone chooses to go to Colony land – here or anywhere else – to gamble or buy tobacco, then that’s a choice that person makes. To use Colony land to impose an unsightly billboard to people who have no choice seems wrong, especially when the citizens of the community have voted and made their disdain for billboards clearly understood. When it’s commonly believed that there is a safety issue with these billboards and the City of Reno chooses to look the other way then it’s borderline reckless.

Dave Cook: Robo-caller!

Use your imagination and picture this scenario:

It’s been a long day. The kids are in bed and have finally gone to sleep. You’re winding down and starting to relax when the phone suddenly rings. It’s almost nine o’clock at night. For someone to be calling this late it must be something very important. By the time you get to the phone all the kids are now crying because the phone woke them up.


It’s Dave Cook! Actually, it’s a recording of Dave Cook. You know, Dave Cook who is running for the hotly contested Nevada State Board of Education District 9 seat. He wants you to vote for him. He just paid a robot to call you at 9:00p to tell you to vote for him.

So, you hang up and jump on the internet to try to find out who Dave Cook is because he just woke up your kids with a late night  political solicitation on the phone. Of course, the first link that comes up is another person commenting on Mr. Cook’s use of “robo calls”. While the post is not complimentary nor critical, the comments are clearly not favorable.

Next, you decide to call Dave at home (you’ll wait until later in the evening, of course) but you can’t find his phone number. You finally find a number at TheVoterGuide.org, but it is listed as 775-85-1454. You don’t want to be a jerk to nine other people while trying to find the correct missing digit.

As a last resort, you send Dave a polite but blunt e-mail letting him know that calls at that hour are unacceptable and that he should not count on you to vote for him. He responds to your message the next day. Does he apologize? No. Does he acknowledge that robo calls may be an offensive campaigning method, especially in light of DoNotCall.gov‘s polularity? No. He sends the following message:


If you send me your phone number, I’ll be glad to see that it is removed from the list.

Dave Cook

By now you may have guessed that this is not just the most interesting story you’ve ever read, but it actually happened just last Friday.

It would be silly to make a decision as a voter based solely on this experience, even though the hour of the call and the lack of apology bothered me. After researching this race a bit further I have been unable to determine who else is even running. Barbara J. Myers is definitely running – she’s the incumbent. I don’t know if Roy J. Casey is running or not. Apparently Myers barely won in 2000 against Dave Cook, who then the incumbent. Dave Cook ran against her again in 2004, but was handily defeated. He hasn’t been able to let go ever since.

So now, my analysis of the race. I read any information I could find and I can honestly say I agree more with Myers and I plan to vote for her. This decision is completely independent of any hostility that I feel toward Cook because of his campaigning strategy.

So, vote for Myers! And contact Dave Cook to let him know that you don’t want his campaign calls.

Note to Dave Cook: Expect one to two e-mails, assuming everyone who reads this e-mails you!

Radio Review Follow-up

Almost exactly one year ago I posted an entry about the Reno radio market, specifically as it relates to talk radio. It’s time to post a follow-up review with more blatantly biased commentary.

There have been some interesting trends, some which can easily be explained and others that cannot. Let’s work our way through the stations…

KBZZ (1270 AM) – KBZZ seems to have made some significant changes since I last researched their station. They still want to flirt too heavily with the FM morning show format to be taken seriously; HOWEVER, their ratings over the last three periods have gone from 1.7 to 2.1 to 2.4. Even though these numbers are not insignificant, their station still tends to shy away from a role that I would consider to be inclusive with common perceptions of talk radio. Then again, maybe this is their goal.

KJFK (1230 AM) – KJFK surprised me with their ratings. After suffering a recurring drop in their ratings they suddenly jumped from 1.3 to 1.7 and then fell back to 1.6. I’m not sure whether something happened to cause them to suddenly be more popular, or if they were previously suffering a slump that they have now rebounded from. It doesn’t really matter, though. This station appeals to a very specific audience – those with BDS and those who listen to people with BDS for entertainment.

KKFT (99.1 FM) – KKFT has been steadily growing for as long as I’ve been watching their numbers. They’ve gone from basically 0 market share to 1.6%. Each ratings period has shown at least a .3% increase. They’ve made some odd changes to their programming, but their current lineup is apparently paying off. More about their programming later…

KKOH (780 AM) – KOH continues to be top dog for all Reno radio with consistently >10% market share. They seem to have ups and downs, but they don’t see gains like the other stations do.

When I first started writing this post I was somewhat perplexed that KJFK is enjoying as much success as they are. It finally occurred to me that KJFK has a very good location to transmit from that should ensure good saturation through Reno. On the other hand, KKFT transmits with even lower power (on FM, even!) from Washoe Valley and yet still has the same market share as KJFK. I think anyone can listen to KJFK for any length of time to get an idea of what they’re about. I tried it once and felt very silly for not turning it off sooner. But that’s just me.

For KBZZ, adding personalities such as Cory Farley can either hurt or help their ratings. If Mr. Farley chooses to discuss more common fare then I’m sure he’ll be a good listen. His non-political writings can be very good, even downright hilarious at times. If he chooses to go into maniacal-leftie mode then he becomes a local version of the bizarrely vitriolic personalities from Air America. And believe me, when it comes to politics he can say some pretty awful things.

For me the most interesting competition is between KKFT and KOH. At first glance I’m sure it seems laughable that KKFT might affect KOH at all. I don’t think it would be smart for KOH to discount KKFT and I can guarantee that KOH keeps at least one eye on this competitor. To summarize I would like to briefly point out the good and bad that each station has going for them.

KOH – the good: KOH has some excellent programming, namely Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Plus, they have a strong local voice in Bill Manders. They have an extremely powerful signal, which means that in addition to Nevada you can listen to them in parts of California, Oregon and Idaho.

KOH – the bad: They are basically stagnant. When they do make changes it’s usually for the worse. For example, they eliminated Bill O’Reilly and when they added Mark Levin they only gave him one hour. I personally don’t agree with their choice to keep Michael Savage. He was interesting to listen to at first, but once the novelty wears off (usually one to two weeks) you crave something more. I’m not sure what I can say about Coast to Coast AM. To me it seems like it would only interest a very specific group, but they clearly have a huge audience for that type of show at that time to keep it on for 7 hours each night.

KKFT – the good: The best programming put together anywhere right now, in my opinion. I start listening with Laura Ingraham in the morning, which is followed by Glenn Beck, Dr. Laura, Lars Larson, Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller. Each one of these hosts is outstanding. I don’t typically hear their other hosts, so I can’t comment.

KKFT – the bad: Based in Carson City with a fairly low power signal. This means that unless you live on the very south side of Reno you probably aren’t going to get their signal. They no longer have a local host in the afternoon (what happened to Ira anyway?). Although they take an active stance on some significant issues, sometimes it’s a bit too much. For example, the Jeremiah Wright/Barack Obama ad they play is almost scary. Do they think a lot of Obama supporters are listening to their station? There may be a few. It was also a little strange that they spent so much airtime attacking Rudy Giuliani during the primary. I guess when you understand their pro-second-amendment stance it makes more sense. I personally don’t really care if they play their own ads for specific causes. It just seems a little weird.

Blinding Evil Light

This world is a terribly evil place. I was starkly reminded of this last night as I was leaving my house to get some groceries. Before I even left my street I could see a hideous flashing in the distance. This was particularly disturbing because previously our little neighborhood had been shielded from the obnoxious glow of downtown lights. Now, thanks to Clear Channel, we had our own little piece of downtown right in our own backyard! It was as if the gaming floor of the Peppermill had been transplanted right next door. The sign was painful to look at. Most disturbingly, though, was the fact that I was several miles away. Once you came closer to the sign (driving down the freeway, for example) it became blinding. I’m not exaggerating, either.

You may remember a few years back that the voters overwhelmingly voted to restrict the propagation of billboards. To sneak around the issue the billboard companies have torn down smaller, older billboards and in their place constructed much larger signs. Now, they are using electronic billboards. I thought electronic signs were illegal in Reno, but apparently not. The city council probably had another secret vote, much like when they approved Station Casinos’ plan privately after rejecting the plan publicly. It’s not quite that black and white, but you get the idea. Corruption abounds.

Since there is nothing I can do about it, I am simply going to list the companies that advertise on the electronic billboards and beg that you please do not patronize these businesses.

  • Boomtown Hotel and Casino
  • Charter
  • AT&T
  • Discovery Fellowship
  • Thermal Imaging Consultants, LLC
  • Dan Holmes Construction, LLC
  • ThermaDiagnostics, LTD
  • Gastroenterology Consultants, LTD
  • Women’s Self Defense (they don’t advertise what their business or organization is called)

Not everything on the billboard can be classified as evil. For example, there are ads for Secret Witness and Bring Bri Justice. Truly noble things to put on a billboard, but certainly the wrong medium. Also, Galena has an ad on the billboard. There isn’t a way to take business away from them so they fall into some unnamed category.

I would encourage you to take time to contact your city council member and let them know that you disapprove of billboards, especially electronic billboards.

McCain the Pain

Until recently I haven’t had a strong opinion about who should win the Republican nomination. It seems that much of the debate surrounds the question, “Who can beat Hillary?”

Let me say this: If McCain wins the nomination then it doesn’t really matter whether we beat Hillary or not.

If Mike Huckabee didn’t make me a Romney supporter, then John McCain sure did. Huckabee looks rational and smooth on the surface, but he has shown his tolerance for attacking the Mormon faith as a way to try to gain support in the South. Whether slandering Mormons personally or allowing others to do his dirty work, Huckabee shows that he truly embraces the beliefs that so many Baptists share. This is certainly not who you want to have in the office of the President. What will be his first action? To reinstate the “extermination order“? This is ridiculous, of course, but it’s a good example of what happens when people with extremist views come into political power. Huckabee seems to be sinking like a lead weight, so the discussion is superfluous anyway.

Although the continuing failure of Mike Huckabee seems natural, the rise of Senator McCain seems entirely unnatural. Besides his anger management issues, he seems to regularly speak before thinking. He also seems to support some pretty crazy ideas. While I give him full credit for his stance on abortion and the war, I think he’s way off in areas of immigration, free speech and tax cuts. The issues of the war and abortion are more important than the other issues but I don’t believe McCain offers anything that Romney doesn’t.

As I’ve written previously, I have a problem with the fact that Romney was previously pro-choice; however, he has stated repeatedly that he is now pro-life and his record supports that claim. As for the war, I believe Romney will do just as well as McCain at fighting the terrorists. In fact, I think Romney’s demeanor is an asset compared to John McCain’s Howard Dean-esque style.

McCain has a few strengths, but he has an overwhelming number of weaknesses. He is no friend of the Republican party. If he wins the nomination then I don’t care who wins in November. Hopefully McCain can count on the Democrats and independents, because with Hillary or Obama as the other choice I probably just won’t vote…

More Neglectable Than Electable

This political season is looking pretty grim. Besides the fact that campaigning started way too soon, there just isn’t much to look at with the current contenders.

On the Democrat side the race is between two absolutely unelectable people: Hillary and Obama. Hillary’s policies aside, she is, without a doubt, the most shrill woman on the planet. If people think the world hates the United States now just wait until they have to listen to her. We’ll be in the middle of WWIII before you can blink. Obama is clearly more presidential, but his beliefs are so extreme that I can’t imagine enough people would vote for him. The remainder of the candidates don’t really have a chance against Hillary and Obama. It’s laughable that people like Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich are even running.

On the Republican side the decision is much more difficult since there aren’t any candidates that standout. I want to support Romney, but am finding this increasingly difficult each time he discusses his views on abortion. My primary concern is that he continues to insist that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has no problem with their members supporting abortion. This is clearly not correct. The LDS church has made this official statement on their webpage, which states that the LDS church “…counsels its members not to submit to, perform, encourage, pay for, or arrange for such abortions.” Although the wording says “counsels” and not commands, one must consider that it would not be advisable to go against the “counsel” of the church if they believe that the church is indeed led by God. For Romney to continue to say that it’s okay to be pro-choice is just rubbish. He states that he is now pro-life, so why can’t he just say that he was wrong before? I would support him whole-heartedly if he were to make a statement saying, “I was pro-choice before but I’m now pro-life. I was wrong and deeply regret my mistake.”

The other candidates have flaws that I consider to be fatal. Giuliani is still pro-choice and has strange ideas about gun control. McCain works against the Republicans as often as he works with them. Additionally, he’s responsible for atrocities such as McCain-Feingold. Thompson – besides that fact that he’s in his own little sphere instead of competing – supports McCain-Feingold, which is a fatal and unforgivable flaw. Ron Paul is a little too extreme. As much as I want to agree with him, I don’t think he has a clear understanding of the situation between the United States and the terrorists. The others have issues I like, but don’t have an overall image I can vote for. For example, Tancredo is a stud when it comes to talking about illegal immigration. Besides this issue, there isn’t anything that makes him standout.

One particular issue that distresses me is that some Republican candidates would use ridiculous anti-Mormon tactics against Romney. For example, Brownback had an aide that attacked Mormonism. Other candidates have had similar problems, even though the candidates have stated that they did not condone the attacks. At least three of the candidates are Baptist, a religion notorious for it’s vehement attacks on the LDS church. Although this does not automatically disqualify them in my book it certainly makes me question whether they indeed do not condone the anti-Mormon attacks on Romney.

I’m anxiously watching to see if a candidate will emerge that clearly deserves our support. I would love it if Romney would apologize and make himself that candidate.

Is Gay Okay?

Let me preface this mental wandering by stating that this is not a gay-bashing rant. This is an analysis of another example of idiotic liberal logic. I will make no attempt to examine the gay issue at this time except as it relates to my point.

My argument makes a couple of generalizations and assumptions, but I think they’re pretty good ones. First, I think it’s safe to say that most gay people are fairly left-leaning liberals. Second, most are irreligious in a general sense. I doubt anyone will argue with the former assumption; however, I’m sure many would argue with the latter. The reason I make this assumption is that most Christians feel that it is morally wrong to be gay. I know that many Christian religions – such as the Methodists – are beginning to change their point of view on this issue but this is the exception, not the rule. I am also aware that a person can be religious even if they are not Christian. All of this taken into consideration, I think my assumptions are pretty good ones.

Liberals seem to want all religion out of our country. They want the ten commandments removed from courthouses, crosses removed from public property and “under God” removed from our Pledge of Allegiance. The don’t want religious songs performed in schools and they don’t want references to God on our money. They also refuse to allow creationism to be taught in school, not even as “inteliigent design”. Such hatred for religion means they must believe in evolution. Can any other conclusion be drawn?

The problem with evolution is that it teaches that nature weeds out the weak and only the strong survive. What does this teach us about people who are gay? They have chosen to live a lifestyle that does not allow them to reproduce, which means that they are being filtered out.

I personally don’t believe in evolution, so my view of this issue is much different. If you choose the liberal way of viewing things, then aren’t they saying their fellow liberals are defective and should die off to clean the gene pool? It seems kind of messed-up to me.

Anyway, I would love to hear a gay person who believes in evolution explain this one for me.

Keep On Marching…

The past few days have been truly march-licious. You’re no doubt familiar with the “Day Without Immigrants” march that happened today. I couldn’t help but think how nice a day without immigrants would truly be. I’m getting really tired of having to explain that immigrants are always welcome as long as they are legal. A co-worker explained a plan to me that would solve the problem better than any solution I’ve ever heard. I’m not sure whether this is his idea or not, but it’s definitely a good one. Our country has a huge number of single mothers on welfare. He proposes that we marry the illegals to the single moms. The illegals then gain citizenship, the children have fathers and, since the illegals are such “hard workers”, we would be able to get them all off of welfare. Truly a miraculous idea.

In other marching news, I saw the most pathetic march of all time on the corner of Neil Rd. and So. Virginia St. on Saturday. It appeared to be an anti-Bush, anti-war rally. They were all dressed like hippies and were dirty and unkempt. One woman held a sign that read “Drop Bush Not Bombs” on one side and “Who Would Jesus Bomb” on the other. Another person carried a congo drum, which he randomly pounded as they walked. The only person that looked as though he could possibly be a contributing member of society was a photographer that was taking pictures of the march. The group had possibly 15-20 people.

I don’t know where to begin. I’ve always been confused when I hear people argue that Jesus wouldn’t go to war. The most mysterious part of this argument is that it comes from irreligious people who want to remove all religion from our country. They are the ones who are fighting to have the words “under God” removed from our pledge of allegiance. They are the ones who demand all religious symbols to be removed from public property, such as the Mt. Soledad memorial cross in San Diego. Who are they to say what Jesus would or wouldn’t do? They don’t believe in Him or His words, so it’s just plain hypocritical. Next, whether you agree with the war or not, the fact is that people were mass-murdered in Iraq, including women and children. Additionally, chemical weapons were used on the people of Iraq by Saddam’s government. It makes sense that Jesus would want to save innocent people from torture and death. To say that Jesus prefers the murder of hundreds of thousands of people to war is just insane.

The anti-war activists have to believe that war is okay sometimes. As I asked in my last entry, should Hitler have been allowed to go forward to conquer the world? Since Hitler is the epitome of evil for these people (next to Bush), should he have been stopped or not? When is war okay? Where were these people when Clinton involved us in Somalia? They like to complain that Bush is not giving our troops enough equipment or proper vehicle armor. The soldiers who fought in Somalia were terribly under-equipped and it ended in horrible tragedy. Where were the anti-war activists then? If they were out at all, they sure weren’t making much noise. If these people should be protesting anything, it should be the fact that they don’t even know what they really believe.

During WWII there were plenty of anti-war activists, but it’s clear today that the war was necessary and appropriate. I firmly believe that history will tell a similar story about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. They can scream and shout all they want, but history will show that they are clearly on the wrong side of the issue.

There’s still so much to rant about…


Sheep in Idiot’s Clothing

I was recently searching for a picture on deviantART when a familiar sight appeared before my eyes. I saw picture after picture representing George W. Bush and his associates as Nazis, most making a direct correlation between Bush and Hitler. Doctored pictures showed Rumsfeld dressed in an SS uniform and so on.

The comparison of Bush to Hitler became popular during the 2004 election, although this was certainly not the first time the comparison was made. Every anti-war rally features protestors holding up signs with swastikas and other messages painting Bush as a Nazi. This continues to be a dominating message from almost anyone who doesn’t like Bush. No one ever thinks of anything new – they just repeat the same tired old trash.

Have these people ever seriously thought about what they are saying? There are two tremendous flaws in their idiotic logic.

First, the obvious. Hitler was responsible for killing millions of people simply because of their beliefs. Whether you agree with the war or not, how can you possibly compare Bush to this kind of homicidal maniac? You can’t say that Bush feels the same toward Muslims. If he did, Muslim-Americans would be in internment camps working their way toward certain death. Not only has Bush said that we are not at war with Muslims, but he has taken no action that would lead anyone to believe that way. The war is against terrorists and Bush has made that clear.

The second flaw is in the comparison to Hitler itself. The intent of the comparison is to make Bush look as evil as possible. By doing this, they are acknowledging that Hitler was an exceptionally evil person. To take Hitler out of power, we had to go to war against him. Using the anti-war crowd’s own logic, we should have let Hitler move forward unchallenged so that he could dominate the planet. War is bad! Period! So, they shun Bush for going to war, while at the same time unintentionally agreeing that Hitler had to be taken out of power through war. This makes them hypocrites.

The thing that makes it all so insane is that no one thinks for themselves. No one seems to be able to come up with an original thought.

Consider this to be part one. More ranting coming soon…