KOH KO’d? Reno’s Heavyweight Champion Takes a Punch

Bad news for KOH. As predicted previously, Nielsen Audio market data released today shows that KRNO (106.9) took the top spot with a rating of 8.2. KOH slipped to 7.6. I’m not sure how long KOH has been in the top spot, but it’s been YEARS.

Is this the result of Cumulus pummeling the station? Or increased competition that Ross Perot’d their share? Will Sean Hannity’s move to KNEZ (107.3) cause further devastation next time around?

There isn’t much else to report since KNEZ and KKFT are not included in the rankings. I would love to hear other ideas about what’s happening with talk radio these days. Drop a comment or jump over to Facebook and comment (and like the page)!


  1. Paul   •  

    The nterestng aspect of ths Fall 2013 book s that the change of Hannty to Savage, although announced, hadn’t taken place yet on KOH. I don’t thnk Hannty s so popular that he’s turn K-[not]NEWS around, but I could be mstaken. As for KRNO, I guess more doctors’ offces have opened up. 🙂

    P.S. I don’t see a page for you on Facebook.

  2. Paul   •  

    he’s = he’d

  3. NevadaBrad   •     Author

    H Paul,

    Agreed. The survey perod ended n December, so these numbers shouldn’t reflect that change. I guess the bg queston s whether t wll affect numbers the next tme around. Hannty s consstently one of the top hosts (usually #2 accordng to Talkers), so I can’t magne some of the audence won’t shft. Savage s popular, too, but nothng lke Hannty.

    I thnk your analyss of KRNO s probably spot on.

    My Facebook page should be facebook.com/nevadabrad – I recently changed the page type, so that could be causng an ssue. Thanks for the heads-up. And thanks for the comments!


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