ObamaTax and the Enslaving of America

What more can be said about the Supreme Court’s abominable decision last week regarding ObamaTax? Don’t worry, I’ll find something to say whether it’s worthwhile or not.

Two things occurred to me as I’ve been listening to the discussion. First, I realized just how close-minded those on the left are. Those on the right can completely understand why others want ObamaTax to stand. “Free” health care would be great. Not having to worry about pre-existing conditions would be awesome. It sounds dreamy and we get it. I doubt there are many on the right that do not understand why some people are so excited about the prospect of socialized medicine.

Now, should we take bets on whether any of the lefties understand why people are opposed to ObamaTax? I’d bet that it’s not many. I’d be surprised if they thought it was because we fear an enormous government. Or because we distrust our government becoming so intimately involved in one of the most private and important aspects of our lives. Or because we’re saddling ourselves with unthinkable debt when we’re already nearly $16t in the hole. Or because we believe that in a free country we should not be taxed and/or penalized for not doing something. Instead, consider the comments of Gene Jeffress where he suggests that those who oppose ObamaCare are racist.

Speaking of racism, why is it that black Americans are not outraged? Why is it that they continue to support this president? I’m not very good with math, but I’m going to do my best here. Currently, almost 9 million of the nearly 40 million black Americans are on food stamps. That’s about 22% of blacks compared to about 6% of whites on food stamps. Additionally, almost twice as many black Americans are below the poverty level as white Americans (25.8% vs. 12.3%). The unemployment rate for black Americans is hovering just below 14%, which is almost double the national average. All this with a black president in the White House!

The progressives, including our supreme leader, President Barack Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm), seek to enslave black Americans by making them dependent on government programs like food stamps and health care. Many people are fighting this tyrannical government, but far too many are willingly allowing the government to enslave them. A Pew Research Center poll from March shows that 83% of black Americans approve of ObamaTax while only 9% disapprove. After all the blood that was shed so that slaves could be free, why would their descendents willingly replace the shackles? Obama is not your friend. ObamaTax enslaves all Americans. The sooner we understand that and find a way to escape the better.


  1. Jack N. Imhoff   •  

    What Brad, nothing new on the latest KOH tumble to Number one again? How about KKFT canceling a show because someone talked about homosexuality without a layer of homophobia, or their latest ratings “Surge.” Nothing but crickets, eh?

  2. NevadaBrad   •     Author

    Thanks for the comment, but I have to confess that I have no idea what you’re talking about. First, KOH has been number one for many years now. That said, they lost market share again. This is the third ratings period in a row where they have lost market share. Additionally, this is their lowest rating since I’ve been keeping score. That’s quite the “tumble to Number one”.

    Disappointingly, KKFT has opted out of the Arbitron ratings schedule, which means that their current data is not readily available to casual lamebrain hobbyists like me. If you actually read my blog instead of just trolling then you would know that I’ve essentially disconnected from traditional radio in favor of online shows. I used to be a big fan of KKFT but have disconnected primarily because they dropped Glenn Beck.

    That’s not the real issue here, though. I’m still dying to know why you hate KKFT so much and why you’re so hot for KOH. I’ve assumed in the past that you work in the KOH newsroom. If it’s true then just say so. If you have a dog in the fight then lay your cards on the table. You’re drunk with hate and anger, which seems silly because we’re just talking about radio.

    Thanks again – you’re comments are always welcome.


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