Happy Sesquicentennial Birthday, Nevada!

Today marks the glorious sesquicentennial for the magnificent state of Nevada. To mark this momentous occasion we’ve arranged for “legal” Nevada Day to coincide with actual Nevada Day.

You may remember that Nevada was admitted into the Union on the last Friday in October, 1864. You see, they wanted to ensure that the creation of the Union’s greatest state would be appropriately marked by a three-day weekend.

Of course, this is absurd. Nevada’s existence as a state began on October 31st, 1864, which happened to be a Monday. And now that you know that, Monday will surely be your favorite day of the week! To reduce one of the greatest events in the history of mankind to nothing more than an excuse for a long weekend is disgraceful.

Mark Amodei, in his darkest hour, initiated this tripe known as AB396 in 1997. Even Sharron Angle supported this preposterous act of terror against our state. Brian Sandoval stood as a lone warrior in his party, but was joined by four Democrats. They stood against this monstrosity, but to no avail.

This evil was put to a vote in 1998 and subsequently became “law” after passing by 5 shameful points. One has to wonder how the vote would have been different had transplants been excluded from the vote. If you have no interest in the state or its history then what business do you have even voting on something like this? Nevertheless, state law does not differentiate between blue-blooded Nevadans and commie-red-blooded California transplants.

I also wonder what would have happened had the ballot question been worded more accurately. For example, “Do you support changing history, which isn’t even possible?”

So, I’d like to take a moment to tell Mark Amodei “thanks”. Thanks for nothing.

Happy Birthday, Nevada!