R to the IA to the R to the NP

I finally did it. I took myself down to the county offices and changed my voter registration. I am now registered as an NP.

This is not the first time but it will be the last time until something drastic changes. I originally registered as an R right out of high school and voted in my first election five months later. My dad was a D, so I don’t remember how I ended up an R.

So, I first changed my registration in 2001 after the election of George W. Bush. I strongly supported him and was giddy when he won (yes, he was elected and not selected). One of the first things he tried to do was shove amnesty down our throats. I was so disgusted by this that I changed to an IA. The tragedy of 9/11 happened shortly after that and a lot of things changed. The Ds became very mean and hateful and seemed to quickly forget that our status as Americans came before our political affiliation. Partisan politics resumed and the vile things that came from the Ds was so offensive to me that I re-registered as an R to show support for President Bush.

As President Bush’s second term rolled along it became clear that his values were not quite in step with the people of this country. He again started pushing for amnesty and then saddled us with Medicare reform that only caused our hole to become deeper. As a capstone, near the end of his presidency he pushed for the original economic stimulus plan. Everyone seemed to know that it was a bad idea, but he pushed for it anyway. Then our supreme leader, President Barack Obama, came into office and continued the policies of President Bush.

It is clear that both major political parties are out of touch with the people of this country. I have chosen to shed my R because I’m tired of choosing the lesser of two evils. I can readily admit that President Bush made some major errors. I am further disgusted by news of John Ensign’s affair. I refuse to argue that he has done well for Nevada even though he has made such an egregious error in his personal life.

This is my challenge to any Ds that may be reading this: Admit that our supreme leader, President Barack Obama, has been a failure. Quit supporting his outrageous policies and hold him accountable in the same way that you would hold an R accountable. Hold Senator Reid accountable that same way you have held John Ensign accountable for his mistake. Finally, quit complaining about people in the townhall meetings and support them the same way you supported those who protested President Bush throughout his presidency.

Stop letting Washington pit everyone against each other! I’ve taken a step and I hope everyone reading this will find a way to take a step for themselves. There is no better time to start cleaning out Washington than now.


I find it interesting that during Bush’s two terms most of the critical comments made toward President Bush centered around his ability to speak, his intelligence, his supposed dodging of military service and so on. There were a few attacks that could be argued legitimately, such as the war in Iraq; however, this constituted the minority of attacks on President Bush. Now that Obama is in office the exact same attacks continue on the man that is no longer president.

For example, while cruising Facebook I recently viewed a picture of Barack Obama talking on a cell while walking across the tarmac. One person commented on the photo as follows: “So thankful we elected a president who not only can communicate in complete sentences, but knows how to use a cell phone!”

Right-wingers have attacked Obama on matters of substance with very few attacks lowering to the level of malicious and unfounded personal attacks. Yet again, the left and the right set themselves apart. While the left spent eight years calling Bush a bumbling idiot (a tactic which was not eliminated, just shifted to Sarah Palin), our current president is trying to fundamentally change our country by destroying everything good that America stands for. And the left has nothing to say about that. In fact, they can’t wait to help.

What’s more, the left constantly demanded records on Bush’s military service, univeristy transcripts and more. They jumped on the forged documents like they were candy because they were so eager to have some dirt on the president. If I remember correctly, I don’t think it took even 24 hours for the documents to be proven false. When Bush’s university transcripts were finally released, lefties dropped the subject fast because it showed that Bush (the “dummy”) actually had higher scores than John Kerry (the “intellectual”).

Now, when a legitimate question about Obama’s citizenship comes up they refuse to press the matter. If Obama is a citizen, simply release the birth certificate and end the debate. The continued denial and secrecy about the matter only makes President Obama look guilty.

While the right generally seeks to hold both sides accountable, the left will support any corrupt politician on their side and denounce any opposed. If we could work together instead of divided, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now. We aren’t going to get out of this mess until those on the left recognize Obama for what he is.

Me and Obama

Some may have noticed the lack of posts on NevadaBrad mentioning our supreme leader, President Barack Obama. This is deliberate. I only mention him now for a few reasons. 1) to explain why I don’t mention him, 3) to ponder on a question I can’t seem to answer and 3) because Rush said something about Obama that I found interesting.

It often appears that the America I love is dissolving before my eyes. There are few leaders in Washington that represent the people. Heaven knows Harry Reid is only looking after his own interests. (Speaking of, the election is coming up – expect to start hearing about Yucca Mountain soon.) Obama is actively working to destroy everything that made this country great since the beginning of its history. I don’t think Obama thinks he wants to destroy America, but he certainly doesn’t want America to the be sole super-power. If you’ve ever read Skousen’s The Naked Capitalist, you can easily imagine that Obama is the leader that has been in the making since long before FDR. It is frustrating and I can’t find anything to joke about. I understand the frustration people may have had about George W. Bush, but BDS was just wacky. I won’t resort to the silly tactics of those who despised George W. Bush. I have simply decided to let my blog watch from the sidelines as much as possible. In a nutshell, that’s why I just don’t mention him when I can help it.

My question is this, and I sincerely would love to have an answer: How is it that the same people who constantly joke about Bush being a bumbling idiot now think that Obama is the greatest orator of all time? At best, Obama is predictable and boring when reading the teleprompter. Without the teleprompter he sounds like the new guy at Toastmasters. Worst of all, when you can actually understand what he is talking about it is absolutely terrifying. As an example, consider his statements on Israel. Or consider that he immediately issued a statement about the murder of an abortion doctor, but only issued a statement on the murdered soldier several days later after being embarrassed by talk radio. Obama certainly has nothing on Bush when it comes to speaking. I feel like I’m living in bizarro world.

Finally, Rush Limbaugh was on Hannity recently and made the following comment: “If al-Qaeda wants to demolish the America we know and love, they better hurry, because Obama is beating them to it.”

Later in the show, during the Great American Panel segment, a democratic strategist (I wish I could remember his name)  explained his problem with Rush’s comment. He said he disagreed with Rush’s analysis because  he felt that Rush was comparing Obama with the terrorists. This seems to be the main complaint against Rush for making this statement. I happen to love Rush’s comment because it’s true and it touches on a deeper problem, which obviously didn’t occur to our democratic strategist. The intent doesn’t matter – the results do. If al-Qaeda destroys America because they hate us or if Obama destroys our country because he thinks he’s helping people, at the end of the day the country is destroyed.

Suppose someone were to kill a member of your family. The brakes in their car failed and they hit your family member as they were crossing the street. Are you okay with this since it was an accident? Would you be less angry if they were maliciously murdered? You may have some sympathy in the first instance, but ultimately the result is the same and you will most likely feel the same type of suffering either way.

Rush’s scenario is essentially the same. Rush regularly says that with liberals it’s always the intent that matters and not the result. Obama is proving that idea once again.

The stimulus was a failure and failed to accomplish anything it was meant to do and yet we’re forging ahead with health care. The best government does a horrible job running itself – Obama’s government has already shown – and will continue to show – what the worst government will do.

So, there it is. Why I don’t talk about Obama.

Keep On Marching…

The past few days have been truly march-licious. You’re no doubt familiar with the “Day Without Immigrants” march that happened today. I couldn’t help but think how nice a day without immigrants would truly be. I’m getting really tired of having to explain that immigrants are always welcome as long as they are legal. A co-worker explained a plan to me that would solve the problem better than any solution I’ve ever heard. I’m not sure whether this is his idea or not, but it’s definitely a good one. Our country has a huge number of single mothers on welfare. He proposes that we marry the illegals to the single moms. The illegals then gain citizenship, the children have fathers and, since the illegals are such “hard workers”, we would be able to get them all off of welfare. Truly a miraculous idea.

In other marching news, I saw the most pathetic march of all time on the corner of Neil Rd. and So. Virginia St. on Saturday. It appeared to be an anti-Bush, anti-war rally. They were all dressed like hippies and were dirty and unkempt. One woman held a sign that read “Drop Bush Not Bombs” on one side and “Who Would Jesus Bomb” on the other. Another person carried a congo drum, which he randomly pounded as they walked. The only person that looked as though he could possibly be a contributing member of society was a photographer that was taking pictures of the march. The group had possibly 15-20 people.

I don’t know where to begin. I’ve always been confused when I hear people argue that Jesus wouldn’t go to war. The most mysterious part of this argument is that it comes from irreligious people who want to remove all religion from our country. They are the ones who are fighting to have the words “under God” removed from our pledge of allegiance. They are the ones who demand all religious symbols to be removed from public property, such as the Mt. Soledad memorial cross in San Diego. Who are they to say what Jesus would or wouldn’t do? They don’t believe in Him or His words, so it’s just plain hypocritical. Next, whether you agree with the war or not, the fact is that people were mass-murdered in Iraq, including women and children. Additionally, chemical weapons were used on the people of Iraq by Saddam’s government. It makes sense that Jesus would want to save innocent people from torture and death. To say that Jesus prefers the murder of hundreds of thousands of people to war is just insane.

The anti-war activists have to believe that war is okay sometimes. As I asked in my last entry, should Hitler have been allowed to go forward to conquer the world? Since Hitler is the epitome of evil for these people (next to Bush), should he have been stopped or not? When is war okay? Where were these people when Clinton involved us in Somalia? They like to complain that Bush is not giving our troops enough equipment or proper vehicle armor. The soldiers who fought in Somalia were terribly under-equipped and it ended in horrible tragedy. Where were the anti-war activists then? If they were out at all, they sure weren’t making much noise. If these people should be protesting anything, it should be the fact that they don’t even know what they really believe.

During WWII there were plenty of anti-war activists, but it’s clear today that the war was necessary and appropriate. I firmly believe that history will tell a similar story about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. They can scream and shout all they want, but history will show that they are clearly on the wrong side of the issue.

There’s still so much to rant about…


Sheep in Idiot’s Clothing

I was recently searching for a picture on deviantART when a familiar sight appeared before my eyes. I saw picture after picture representing George W. Bush and his associates as Nazis, most making a direct correlation between Bush and Hitler. Doctored pictures showed Rumsfeld dressed in an SS uniform and so on.

The comparison of Bush to Hitler became popular during the 2004 election, although this was certainly not the first time the comparison was made. Every anti-war rally features protestors holding up signs with swastikas and other messages painting Bush as a Nazi. This continues to be a dominating message from almost anyone who doesn’t like Bush. No one ever thinks of anything new – they just repeat the same tired old trash.

Have these people ever seriously thought about what they are saying? There are two tremendous flaws in their idiotic logic.

First, the obvious. Hitler was responsible for killing millions of people simply because of their beliefs. Whether you agree with the war or not, how can you possibly compare Bush to this kind of homicidal maniac? You can’t say that Bush feels the same toward Muslims. If he did, Muslim-Americans would be in internment camps working their way toward certain death. Not only has Bush said that we are not at war with Muslims, but he has taken no action that would lead anyone to believe that way. The war is against terrorists and Bush has made that clear.

The second flaw is in the comparison to Hitler itself. The intent of the comparison is to make Bush look as evil as possible. By doing this, they are acknowledging that Hitler was an exceptionally evil person. To take Hitler out of power, we had to go to war against him. Using the anti-war crowd’s own logic, we should have let Hitler move forward unchallenged so that he could dominate the planet. War is bad! Period! So, they shun Bush for going to war, while at the same time unintentionally agreeing that Hitler had to be taken out of power through war. This makes them hypocrites.

The thing that makes it all so insane is that no one thinks for themselves. No one seems to be able to come up with an original thought.

Consider this to be part one. More ranting coming soon…