The 2016 Election – Part II

Thank you for coming along with me to part II. I’m under no delusions that what I write is of consequence. I’m kind of hoping that you are.

Previously, we discussed why Trump is a terrible nominee and why the Trumpkins are indistinguishable from Obama’s supporters. This is all part of one giant ball of nonsense I typed up quite a while back, but then lost all motivation to edit and post it. With the election upon us (TODAY!) I thought I would clean it up a bit and publish it for posterity’s sake.

You were previously challenged to ask a Trump supporter why they support Trump, but they aren’t allowed to mention or use a comparison to Hillary. Hillary has been setup as the embodiment of Lucifer. The absolute worst person on the planet. I suspect that if we ran Hitler against Hillary many would vote for Hitler. She has been turned into some kind bogeyman that embodies all evil. Is Hillary evil? I believe so. Is she as bad as Hitler? I don’t think so. As a matter of fact, as evil as she is, there are a lot of people on earth worse than Hillary. So to think that she is automatically worse than anyone the Republicans can run is silly. The Republicans have proven that we can also run an atrocious person.

I maintain that Trump and Hillary have more in common than they do differences. You probably won’t agree and that’s fine.

The Trumpkins and I will certainly disagree on this point: I think America will be better off if Hillary wins today.

Do you remember the election of 2010? People were angry with Obama. They were angry about Obamacare. They were angry about the bailouts. People were fed up and handed the GOP a historic victory in answer to Obama’s unpopular policies. Keep in mind that Obama was not an unpopular president. What will happen when an extremely unpopular president is in office? But that’s only half the story.

The actions of Bush and Obama have put the country in a terrible place. Quantitative easing, astronimocal national debt, years of 0% interest rates, reckless spending and constant raising of the debt ceiling have substantially damaged the nation. Budgets and audits have become a punchline. The stock market is being artificially inflated. The IRS has been weaponized and healthcare is in a deathspiral. Comey has exposed the FBI as corrupt, symbolizing the general state of the government. This cannot continue much longer and I would much rather have Hillary in charge when the unraveling begins.

The Republicans have a fragile hold on Congress and the party is very weak. The “perfect storm” (a weak, unpopular, ineffective Republican Party, terrible leadership and a Trump presidency) would cause a 2010-style shift to the left. Trump is extremely unpopular in his own party (the Democrats) and is also unpopular among Republicans. An enormous shift left is inevitable under Trump.

To be certain, an economic disaster is looming and it will likely hit during the next presidency. The debt will be around $20 trillion when Obama leaves office. He has doubled the debt during his eight years (after calling Bush’s debt increase “unpatriotic”). Under Bush, the debt increased about $5 trillion with extremely heavy war spending. But while Obama has continued many of the military operations, there is little to show for the massive debt he’s incurred.

Here, the Trumpkin will proclaim that Trump – being a masterful businessman – is the only one qualified to solve this problem! Sorry, wrong.

I will grant that Trump has been successful as a TV celebrity, but that’s about it. He has been generally successful with real estate; however, there is information indicating even that business may not be as healthy as he claims. He might be an average businessman. But he’s definitely not a genius who can solve the country’s woes. Although Trumpkins continue to believe that Trump took a $1 million loan from his father and turned it into $452.3 quatrillion-zillion, that is not true. Don’t take my word for it, though. Do your own research on this.

The economy is in trouble no matter who is elected president. You would have a hard time convincing me that Trump’s ideas on the economy are better than Hillary’s. Trump has promised to punish companies trying to escape the tyranny of the United States. He has promised tariffs, which tend to cause things like Great Depressions. He regularly voices his support for single-payer healthcare and has even been open to the idea of nationalizing banks. So, when things get bad would you rather have this blamed on Hillary so that we can get a better candidate than Trump in 2020? Or do you want this blamed (correctly) on the Republicans so that the Democrats sweep back total control of the presidency, the house and the senate by 2020?

Trump is a progressive Democrat in Republican’s clothing. The consequences for the country will be disastrous if he does everything he says he will do. I’m more worried about what he’s not telling us. I’m worried the most about what kind of president he becomes when things turn south and the country begins identifying his as a “loser”.

There’s one more part to this litany of ludicrousness. I’ll try to explain why I really, truly don’t care who wins this election. I’ll also explain why the Republicans have doomed themselves.

You Didn’t Build That: Mystery Solved!

Ever wonder why Obama made the now infamous “you didn’t build that” comment? It seemed weird at the time, but I figured it out. If you are not responsible for your successes then Obama is not responsible for his failures. For example, consider this potential exchange:

Fictitious and Unlikely Reporter: “Mr President. Don’t you feel responsible for increasing the debt by 5.4 trillion dollars since you took office?”

Barack Obama: “I didn’t build that.”

Reporter: “Surely you see that your policies have led to increased unemployment and out of control abuse of the welfare system, don’t you?”

Obama: “I didn’t build that.”

This is, of course, keeping in line with his core belief that “the buck stops with you.”

Improving Reno’s Economy – I Have an Idea

I’m not one to follow local news very closely, except as it relates to me directly. Occasionally the local news will come on and for one reason or another it doesn’t get changed. Not that there’s any point in sharing this. In the not too distant past a couple of stories were played that I found either infuriating or humorous. I’m still undecided. I’ll only touch briefly on one of the topics – I’ll save the other for another day since it will likely be more involved to get all the information straight.

In this particular story the reporter was discussing Reno’s economic health during this downturn. I didn’t catch every word, but it looked like they were talking to Jessica Sferrazza so it seemed pretty official. At the end of the story, either the city or the reporter asked the viewers, “What ideas do you have to help Reno work this the economic crisis?” I may be paraphrasing.

I’m sure everyone was thinking what I was thinking: Station Casinos. Our city council sometimes seems hell-bent on looking for any opportunity it can find to grab a quick buck through taxation of casinos. We do live in Nevada, and that’s a choice I’ve made along with pretty much everyone else, but don’t complain to the public when the gambling industry begins to suffer.

Station Casinos was heavily protested by all the people who live in the area that would be affected. Petitions were signed and the people made it clear that they do not want a casino in this area. People also flooded the halls when the city council discussed the project. Wisely, the city council listened to the people and did not approve the casino permit; however, as our city council is prone to do, they quietly met a short time later and approved the permit when they didn’t have those nasty constituents breathing down their necks and forcing their opinions on the council representatives.

As Indian gaming and internet gaming grows and other states consider legalizing gambling, Reno must stop this foolish money grabbing. This recession/depression should be a lesson that we are putting our eggs in one basket. Let Las Vegas have the gaming tourism – Reno will never be able to compete. Northern Nevada needs to focus on other business and finding ways to make Northern Nevada attractive to a variety of industries. This means abandoning our city’s current policy of “A Casino on Every Corner”, also known as “No Compulsive Gambler Left Behind”.

Reno can correct a number of issues by taking my advice. The obvious benefits include fewer suicides, fewer alcoholics, less drug use and trafficking and a better enviroment and community for everyone. I would imagine there would be less tobacco use and fewer people killed by drunk drivers, but I’m not sure if there are statistics to back me up. That’s just my opinion.

While opining, I believe that the county should overhaul WCSD and encourage school vouchers and better school choice. Nevada spends a fortune on our kids and they are getting a very poor education in many cases. Yet, everywhere I look I see billboards (horrible, evil billboards) saying the educators need more money. Every election there is a bond issue on the ballot. I’m pretty sure that every bond measure passes, too. But it’s never enough. It will never be enough. The only thing that will improve our school district is some good old-fashioned competition – not more money.

So, to try to wrap this up into some type of coherent statement, quit focusing so much on gaming and tourism and try to find ways to attract businesses to Reno. Quit putting casinos outside of downtown. Quit taxing the living snot out of existing casinos to fund a failing school district that shows little tolerance for competition.

For additional reading about how our current funding helps our schools, check out this article at the Nevada Policy Research Institute:

Oh, and quit raising my taxes every time I turn around. Okay, I’m done.

The Left Evolving Backwards

With all the thrilling talk lately about Ida, I guess this is another excuse to wonder about Darwinian ideas. Of course, I’m joking about Ida being thrilling. I think it was news for about half a day and then no one cared again.

So, the left pushes Darwin on everyone else. The right pushes religion. I think this is true generally enough that I can make those assumptions. I’ve already asked the question before, but to briefly recap, the left insists that we all accept homosexuality as a normal lifestyle, while simultaneously preaching that we all evolved. This means that homosexuality is a defect that will ultimately lead to the extinction of gays. AGAIN, let me state that this is what the left believes and isn’t even close to what I personally believe.

So, how does this line of thinking apply to our economy? Companies and people that are big and successful must give what they have to the weak and helpless. I believe the general idea behind Darwinism is that the strong survive while the weak die off. So, why should the wealthy be forced to give to the poor? Shouldn’t the lefties leave the rich (strong) alone and let the poor (weak) fight for themselves? If evolution is going to be shoved down our throats then why don’t those who espouse evolution practice what they preach?

I guess the left hasn’t always been such a bunch of hypocrites. Not that long ago, they not only preached evolution but also got involved in their communities and tried to speed up the process. But they were also taxing the wealthy at >80% at the same time, so I guess they always have been hypocrites.

If evolution is so great and everyone who disagrees is a fool, then why do those on the left refuse to let it work? I believe that evolution applied to the economy is called capitalism. And evolution applied to sexuality is bigotry. And hypocrisy applied to liberalism is called typical.

I was going to end it there, but let me anticipate an argument. I suppose it could be argued that compassion for the poor and sexually-disoriented is what makes us human – the result of the miracle of evolution. Whether we arrived at this point in time as the result of millions of years of gene-refinement or much quicker thanks to God, the end result is the same. And that’s not a good thing for the lefties.