The 2016 Election – Part II

Thank you for coming along with me to part II. I’m under no delusions that what I write is of consequence. I’m kind of hoping that you are.

Previously, we discussed why Trump is a terrible nominee and why the Trumpkins are indistinguishable from Obama’s supporters. This is all part of one giant ball of nonsense I typed up quite a while back, but then lost all motivation to edit and post it. With the election upon us (TODAY!) I thought I would clean it up a bit and publish it for posterity’s sake.

You were previously challenged to ask a Trump supporter why they support Trump, but they aren’t allowed to mention or use a comparison to Hillary. Hillary has been setup as the embodiment of Lucifer. The absolute worst person on the planet. I suspect that if we ran Hitler against Hillary many would vote for Hitler. She has been turned into some kind bogeyman that embodies all evil. Is Hillary evil? I believe so. Is she as bad as Hitler? I don’t think so. As a matter of fact, as evil as she is, there are a lot of people on earth worse than Hillary. So to think that she is automatically worse than anyone the Republicans can run is silly. The Republicans have proven that we can also run an atrocious person.

I maintain that Trump and Hillary have more in common than they do differences. You probably won’t agree and that’s fine.

The Trumpkins and I will certainly disagree on this point: I think America will be better off if Hillary wins today.

Do you remember the election of 2010? People were angry with Obama. They were angry about Obamacare. They were angry about the bailouts. People were fed up and handed the GOP a historic victory in answer to Obama’s unpopular policies. Keep in mind that Obama was not an unpopular president. What will happen when an extremely unpopular president is in office? But that’s only half the story.

The actions of Bush and Obama have put the country in a terrible place. Quantitative easing, astronimocal national debt, years of 0% interest rates, reckless spending and constant raising of the debt ceiling have substantially damaged the nation. Budgets and audits have become a punchline. The stock market is being artificially inflated. The IRS has been weaponized and healthcare is in a deathspiral. Comey has exposed the FBI as corrupt, symbolizing the general state of the government. This cannot continue much longer and I would much rather have Hillary in charge when the unraveling begins.

The Republicans have a fragile hold on Congress and the party is very weak. The “perfect storm” (a weak, unpopular, ineffective Republican Party, terrible leadership and a Trump presidency) would cause a 2010-style shift to the left. Trump is extremely unpopular in his own party (the Democrats) and is also unpopular among Republicans. An enormous shift left is inevitable under Trump.

To be certain, an economic disaster is looming and it will likely hit during the next presidency. The debt will be around $20 trillion when Obama leaves office. He has doubled the debt during his eight years (after calling Bush’s debt increase “unpatriotic”). Under Bush, the debt increased about $5 trillion with extremely heavy war spending. But while Obama has continued many of the military operations, there is little to show for the massive debt he’s incurred.

Here, the Trumpkin will proclaim that Trump – being a masterful businessman – is the only one qualified to solve this problem! Sorry, wrong.

I will grant that Trump has been successful as a TV celebrity, but that’s about it. He has been generally successful with real estate; however, there is information indicating even that business may not be as healthy as he claims. He might be an average businessman. But he’s definitely not a genius who can solve the country’s woes. Although Trumpkins continue to believe that Trump took a $1 million loan from his father and turned it into $452.3 quatrillion-zillion, that is not true. Don’t take my word for it, though. Do your own research on this.

The economy is in trouble no matter who is elected president. You would have a hard time convincing me that Trump’s ideas on the economy are better than Hillary’s. Trump has promised to punish companies trying to escape the tyranny of the United States. He has promised tariffs, which tend to cause things like Great Depressions. He regularly voices his support for single-payer healthcare and has even been open to the idea of nationalizing banks. So, when things get bad would you rather have this blamed on Hillary so that we can get a better candidate than Trump in 2020? Or do you want this blamed (correctly) on the Republicans so that the Democrats sweep back total control of the presidency, the house and the senate by 2020?

Trump is a progressive Democrat in Republican’s clothing. The consequences for the country will be disastrous if he does everything he says he will do. I’m more worried about what he’s not telling us. I’m worried the most about what kind of president he becomes when things turn south and the country begins identifying his as a “loser”.

There’s one more part to this litany of ludicrousness. I’ll try to explain why I really, truly don’t care who wins this election. I’ll also explain why the Republicans have doomed themselves.

Voting for Trump (Clear Conscience Not Included)

Do you feel like you’re going crazy? I do. People I thought I knew are ripping away their masks and revealing that they are not, as they led me to believe, human, but rather some kind of weird flesh-eating zombie martians. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I’d be less surprised if that were actually the case.

Do you remember arguing with Obama supporters in ’08? They didn’t know anything about him, but they couldn’t wait to cast their vote for him. Even when facts appeared showing how radical Obama was (is), people shrugged it off. It became an emotional election rather than a competition of ideas. The whole Obama thing became so nonsensical that people resorted to voting for John McCain in a last-ditch attempt to deal with Obama supporters. John. McCain. Do you see where I’m going with this?

This election has become a repeat of the 2008 election in many ways. The only difference is that the Republicans are doing it this time around. Sadly, the result is going to be the same. Possibly much worse.

I’m not going to present a bunch of facts or try to make a lengthy argument against Trump (we’ve already seen that Trump supporters are immune to facts). I’m going to present my opinion as briefly as I can and I would love to hear someone make a logical argument for supporting Trump. Please leave a comment or send me a message.

One of the biggest problems I have with Barack Obama is that he does not recognize anything greater than himself. He’s a narcissist and is willing to do almost anything to get his way. You probably remember when he made this comment: “…I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone.” It was his way of saying that he doesn’t need Congress – he can simply use executive orders to write legislation as he sees fit. Most countries with this form of government don’t call it a republic, they call it a dictatorship.

Trump fits the profile for a narcissist nicely. In fact, that’s pretty much what he’s famous for. Republicans don’t have a problem with it, though. Trump isn’t even hiding the fact that he would continue to use executive orders, but he says “I’m going to use them much better and they’re going to serve a much better purpose than what [Obama’s] done.” I understand that Bush did it, Obama did it and the next president will do it. The problem is that they are bypassing a branch of government to force their will on people. If the president wants to sign an executive order declaring Talk Like a Pirate Day to be a nationally recognized workday then I’m okay with that. If he wants to sign an order to ban firearms then we have a problem. I’m not comfortable with any president taking it upon himself to create laws, especially when they are contrary to rights protected by the Constitution. Don’t think this would be a problem for Trump? Think about what he has said about Muslims. Does it seem plausible that he could issue an executive order contrary to the First Amendment?

So, the man is a narcissist just like Obama. What about saying whatever it takes to get what you want? Obama has shown time and again that he is willing to say whatever it takes to get his way. There are plenty of articles and videos out there about this so I won’t belabor the point, but this sounds a lot like Trump. Here’s a person who praises someone one day, then turns on them like a rabid dog the next day simply because poll numbers have changed. The only things he remains constant on are the bad things. He has remained true to his beliefs about abortion and eminent domain, but that’s not a good thing. The big thing everyone seems to love about him is his spiel about building a wall and making Mexico pay for it. The problem is that his immigration plan is essentially amnesty. He wants a ‘uge wall (that Mexico will pay for), then he’s going to deport everyone and make them come back through the door. Like the burglar who broke in through your window who must now leave and come in through the door. Maybe that’s a bad analogy, but he’s still a bad candidate.

Trump has a lot of good things to say about Obama. Do you have a lot of good things to say about Obama? Of course Trump would be a big “cheerleader” for Obama. They have very similar political beliefs. Well, they did until Trump decided to run as a Republican candidate for president. In 2004, John Kerry was best known for being a “flip-flopper”. Now, Republicans have embraced the idea of a flip-flopper for president. What changed? Trump was for a Canadian-style healthcare system before he ran for president. “But he wants to repeal it now,” you say. That’s correct. Now he wants to repeal it. Now that he wants to be president. The list goes on an on.

So, why shouldn’t you support Trump? Well, the man is a bully. He tries to demonize and destroy anyone who doesn’t join his team. Look at what he did to Megyn Kelly. Personally, I think he is only running to stroke his own ego. Did anyone ever take Trump seriously before his presidential run? I don’t think Trump hates America, but I don’t think this campaign is about “[Making] America Great Again”. I think it has more to do with “Making Trump Great Again.” Of course, that would imply that he was great at some point. You decide.

There have been several great people in this race who are legitimate conservative/constitutional candidates. Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul come to mind. Rick Santorum, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio might even be in the game. (Note: some of these I still couldn’t vote for for other reasons.) How did we lose Bobby Jindal and end up with Trump in the lead? I’m not going to say anything about the other candidates for now. Maybe that will give me a good reason to come back and pick the issue up again.

If Trump is the Republican nominee, I will not be voting for him. I said that about McCain in 2008 and voted for him anyway, but my views have changed dramatically since then. That’s part of the reason I haven’t been able to bring myself to post articles; because I’ve had some deep internal struggles with what I believe. I’ll say this: I believe it’s time to stop trying to win and time to start doing what’s right. I voted for Bush, McCain and Romney but I was wrong. I will not do it again. I thought Bush would better than Kerry and Gore, but Bush gave us Medicare Part D, TARP and a doubling of the national debt. I’m done voting for someone just to keep a different political party from winning.

I believe Trump will damage this country just as much as Obama (and Bush) did. I don’t believe a Clinton or Sanders would be worse. That’s a game that’s been played my whole life and I’m removing myself as a player. Washington has conditioned each party to treat the other as an enemy. What did Hillary say during a Democrat debate when asked which enemy she was most proud of? “Well, in addition to the NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians; probably the Republicans.” I don’t want to be an enemy. I want to be an American. I want us to be one country. I want us to be able to debate and disagree without treating everyone who doesn’t believe the same thing as the devil. This is not Trump. He has enemies. If you don’t believe it try getting close to him in the polls.

Obama and the Pride of Having a Job

I can’t name a time where I met an American who would rather have an unemployment check than the pride of having a job.Barack Obama

So says our supreme leader, President Barack Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm). At face value I find this a little hard to believe; however, since he’s the most accomplished wordsmith of our time I’m going to believe he meant what he said. Which is that he can’t name a time. Meaning the specific time. And that’s probably true. There’s no way he would remember the exact hour let alone minute, right? Oh, Mr. President.

This is true for me and it’s probably true for you. It’s probably true for the vast majority of Americans. But there’s also a huge chunk of the country that feels otherwise. I’m going to make some sweeping generalizations that should hold up just fine. I trust that you’ll be mature enough to understand that there may be exceptions.

About a block from where I work there’s a panhandler that’s been standing on the corner for a couple of months now. He has a cardboard sign and waves to everyone who passes. Why would he beg for money when he could feel the burning pride of earning a paycheck? I’ll admit that I don’t know his circumstances. It’s possible that his feet were glued to that exact spot and he’s can’t go anywhere. But what about the people who beg for a few dollars because they just need enough money to get a bus ticket to Carson City? Years later, these poor people still haven’t been able to get enough money for that elusive ticket. For some reason, they prefer a handout to a paycheck.

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that insurance fraud costs us more that $80 billion dollars each year. This fraud includes workers that fake injuries so that they can collect a disability check (unaware of the pride they will be missing out on). There are tons of ways to commit insurance fraud, but it also includes arson and murder to collect insurance. If people are willing to murder in order to get a check without working, is it even remotely possible that they might do nothing in order to get a check without working?

According to the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, state and provincial lotteries have generated $200 billion since their inception in 1964. The odds of winning are laughably small, yet people sink billions of dollars into lotteries. For example, the odds of winning $100 in last years Powerball were more than 1 in 12,000. The grand prize? More than 1 in 175,000,000. Why would people drop so much money on certain failure? You might naturally think it’s because people are attracted to the idea of getting a check without working for it. Once you consider the pride factor you will realize you’re wrong. The truth is…something…else.

Living in the great state of Nevada, let’s not ignore gambling. (I’m referring to gambling in the traditional sense and not the act of putting your kids in Nevada’s public schools.) The American Gaming Association reports that total consumer spending on gambling is nearly $40 billion annually. People lose their families, their homes, their jobs and more to the effects of gambling. They risk it all to get out of having to work to earn a paycheck.

You could go on forever with examples of what people will do to get out of working for a check. While this obviously represents a minority of the country, it’s silly to say that no one would choose to get free money when they could experience the euphoric pride that comes with earning a paycheck.

I initially thought the president was playing a game of semantics, but then I realized it’s probably simpler than that. In all likelihood he’s probably never met an unemployed person. I can’t imagine that the private beaches of Martha’s Vineyard or the golf courses of Hawaii are crawling with the unemployed. It’s still quite an accomplishment considering how many he’s created.

You Didn’t Build That: Mystery Solved!

Ever wonder why Obama made the now infamous “you didn’t build that” comment? It seemed weird at the time, but I figured it out. If you are not responsible for your successes then Obama is not responsible for his failures. For example, consider this potential exchange:

Fictitious and Unlikely Reporter: “Mr President. Don’t you feel responsible for increasing the debt by 5.4 trillion dollars since you took office?”

Barack Obama: “I didn’t build that.”

Reporter: “Surely you see that your policies have led to increased unemployment and out of control abuse of the welfare system, don’t you?”

Obama: “I didn’t build that.”

This is, of course, keeping in line with his core belief that “the buck stops with you.”

ObamaTax and the Enslaving of America

What more can be said about the Supreme Court’s abominable decision last week regarding ObamaTax? Don’t worry, I’ll find something to say whether it’s worthwhile or not.

Two things occurred to me as I’ve been listening to the discussion. First, I realized just how close-minded those on the left are. Those on the right can completely understand why others want ObamaTax to stand. “Free” health care would be great. Not having to worry about pre-existing conditions would be awesome. It sounds dreamy and we get it. I doubt there are many on the right that do not understand why some people are so excited about the prospect of socialized medicine.

Now, should we take bets on whether any of the lefties understand why people are opposed to ObamaTax? I’d bet that it’s not many. I’d be surprised if they thought it was because we fear an enormous government. Or because we distrust our government becoming so intimately involved in one of the most private and important aspects of our lives. Or because we’re saddling ourselves with unthinkable debt when we’re already nearly $16t in the hole. Or because we believe that in a free country we should not be taxed and/or penalized for not doing something. Instead, consider the comments of Gene Jeffress where he suggests that those who oppose ObamaCare are racist.

Speaking of racism, why is it that black Americans are not outraged? Why is it that they continue to support this president? I’m not very good with math, but I’m going to do my best here. Currently, almost 9 million of the nearly 40 million black Americans are on food stamps. That’s about 22% of blacks compared to about 6% of whites on food stamps. Additionally, almost twice as many black Americans are below the poverty level as white Americans (25.8% vs. 12.3%). The unemployment rate for black Americans is hovering just below 14%, which is almost double the national average. All this with a black president in the White House!

The progressives, including our supreme leader, President Barack Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm), seek to enslave black Americans by making them dependent on government programs like food stamps and health care. Many people are fighting this tyrannical government, but far too many are willingly allowing the government to enslave them. A Pew Research Center poll from March shows that 83% of black Americans approve of ObamaTax while only 9% disapprove. After all the blood that was shed so that slaves could be free, why would their descendents willingly replace the shackles? Obama is not your friend. ObamaTax enslaves all Americans. The sooner we understand that and find a way to escape the better.

Whiners and Winners

Republicans tend to get flustered when it comes to picking a candidate. It seems to be a much easier task for Democrats (“Would a dead person vote for this candidate?”). I admit that I struggle a bit myself; however, it usually doesn’t take long before the choice is apparent.

Consider the crybabies (hereafter referred to as Gingrich and Santorum) that we had in the race. Their campaigns amounted to little more than complaining that the Romney campaign wasn’t playing fair. Because, as we all know, it will be a clean fight once our supreme leader, President Barack Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm), gets involved. I hate the dirt and vitriol in politics. I wish we could have a clean debate. The fact of the matter is that the left cannot win a fair debate and they have to resort to throwing sand in the eyes and then kicking the groin. It’s dirty but it wins elections.

Romney seems to be the only candidate that is willing to go head-to-head with Obama. What’s more, I believe he can do it without sacrificing ethics or principle. He may have hit hard in the primaries but I never heard anything that was fallacious. On the other hand, Newt built his campaign almost exclusively on fallacy. Newt was the Republican candidate most like Obama. He is smart, he portrayed himself as something he is not and he fought a dirty fight. I expect that Romney’s campaign style will be equally effective against Obama.

If the promise of a good fight isn’t enough to convince you that Romney is the man, then consider the whining and bellyaching that came from the presumptive losers. Both Santorum and Gingrich looked like children at the store that didn’t get the toy they wanted. The only thing that was missing was the footstomp and the refusal to cooperate until they got their way. Their concessions told us immediately that we made the right decision. I never liked Gingrich, but I wanted to give Santorum a chance. Unfortunately, it became obvious far too quickly that Santorum was not the one to put against Obama. It won’t be long before we know for sure whether that person is Romney.

On another note, I finally realized what Ron Paul’s supporters have in common: they’re all crazier than he is. If that’s possible.

R to the IA to the R to the NP

I finally did it. I took myself down to the county offices and changed my voter registration. I am now registered as an NP.

This is not the first time but it will be the last time until something drastic changes. I originally registered as an R right out of high school and voted in my first election five months later. My dad was a D, so I don’t remember how I ended up an R.

So, I first changed my registration in 2001 after the election of George W. Bush. I strongly supported him and was giddy when he won (yes, he was elected and not selected). One of the first things he tried to do was shove amnesty down our throats. I was so disgusted by this that I changed to an IA. The tragedy of 9/11 happened shortly after that and a lot of things changed. The Ds became very mean and hateful and seemed to quickly forget that our status as Americans came before our political affiliation. Partisan politics resumed and the vile things that came from the Ds was so offensive to me that I re-registered as an R to show support for President Bush.

As President Bush’s second term rolled along it became clear that his values were not quite in step with the people of this country. He again started pushing for amnesty and then saddled us with Medicare reform that only caused our hole to become deeper. As a capstone, near the end of his presidency he pushed for the original economic stimulus plan. Everyone seemed to know that it was a bad idea, but he pushed for it anyway. Then our supreme leader, President Barack Obama, came into office and continued the policies of President Bush.

It is clear that both major political parties are out of touch with the people of this country. I have chosen to shed my R because I’m tired of choosing the lesser of two evils. I can readily admit that President Bush made some major errors. I am further disgusted by news of John Ensign’s affair. I refuse to argue that he has done well for Nevada even though he has made such an egregious error in his personal life.

This is my challenge to any Ds that may be reading this: Admit that our supreme leader, President Barack Obama, has been a failure. Quit supporting his outrageous policies and hold him accountable in the same way that you would hold an R accountable. Hold Senator Reid accountable that same way you have held John Ensign accountable for his mistake. Finally, quit complaining about people in the townhall meetings and support them the same way you supported those who protested President Bush throughout his presidency.

Stop letting Washington pit everyone against each other! I’ve taken a step and I hope everyone reading this will find a way to take a step for themselves. There is no better time to start cleaning out Washington than now.


I find it interesting that during Bush’s two terms most of the critical comments made toward President Bush centered around his ability to speak, his intelligence, his supposed dodging of military service and so on. There were a few attacks that could be argued legitimately, such as the war in Iraq; however, this constituted the minority of attacks on President Bush. Now that Obama is in office the exact same attacks continue on the man that is no longer president.

For example, while cruising Facebook I recently viewed a picture of Barack Obama talking on a cell while walking across the tarmac. One person commented on the photo as follows: “So thankful we elected a president who not only can communicate in complete sentences, but knows how to use a cell phone!”

Right-wingers have attacked Obama on matters of substance with very few attacks lowering to the level of malicious and unfounded personal attacks. Yet again, the left and the right set themselves apart. While the left spent eight years calling Bush a bumbling idiot (a tactic which was not eliminated, just shifted to Sarah Palin), our current president is trying to fundamentally change our country by destroying everything good that America stands for. And the left has nothing to say about that. In fact, they can’t wait to help.

What’s more, the left constantly demanded records on Bush’s military service, univeristy transcripts and more. They jumped on the forged documents like they were candy because they were so eager to have some dirt on the president. If I remember correctly, I don’t think it took even 24 hours for the documents to be proven false. When Bush’s university transcripts were finally released, lefties dropped the subject fast because it showed that Bush (the “dummy”) actually had higher scores than John Kerry (the “intellectual”).

Now, when a legitimate question about Obama’s citizenship comes up they refuse to press the matter. If Obama is a citizen, simply release the birth certificate and end the debate. The continued denial and secrecy about the matter only makes President Obama look guilty.

While the right generally seeks to hold both sides accountable, the left will support any corrupt politician on their side and denounce any opposed. If we could work together instead of divided, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now. We aren’t going to get out of this mess until those on the left recognize Obama for what he is.

Impending Doom – the Story of Obamacare

It’s time to weigh-in on Obamacare. I speak with a little bit more experience than a lot of people because a) I lived in Canada for a couple of years and b) I experienced their health care firsthand on three different occasions. I can say from experience that socialized health care is LAME.

I could go on all night about this, but I’m going to try to keep it simple. Because it’s always a pleasure, I’ll start by pointing out yet another example of Democrat inconsistency, if not outright hypocrisy. During a press conference I saw one lady who talked about how her life is in ruins and she has lost almost everything because of cancer. She only had “hit by a bus” insurance, not cancer insurance. Every time I’ve heard a democrat talk about health care they talk about cancer. They like to talk about how much treatment costs and how awful it is. All of this is certainly true and I agree completely. My issue is that, as near as I’ve been able to tell, the United States spends about twice as much every year on AIDS research as they do on cancer research. I would think that bringing some of the AIDS money back to the US to work on cancer research would certainly help to lower costs and perhaps even find a cure. It just seems strange to me that we would spend so much more on a disease that is primarily spread through lifestyle decisions and spend less on a disease that mercilessly attacks innocent children. Democrats are the champions of fighting AIDS until they want socialized health care and then they are the sworn enemies of cancer.

Back to Canada! The things I heard most from Canadians were that taxes to pay for “free” health care were outrageously high, the best doctors didn’t stay in Canada – they moved to the United States and abuse of the system is rampant. I knew one person who regularly went to the emergency room to complain of a headache so that he could get Tylenol 3 (contains codeine).

As for my own experiences, I had surgery there after catching a foot in the face and having my nose broken. I saw a doctor and had the surgery completed without any issue. I really have nothing bad to say about the experience other than I wish I wouldn’t have been kicked in the face (it was an accident). I think the care was better because I’m American and they were getting paid with American dollars. My other experience occurred when I got an ear infection. The pain was so excruciating that I didn’t think there was any way that I could tolerate it. I was living second by second. I’m probably just a wuss, but it hurt. I went to the emergency room and there were at least 40 other people waiting for care. One guy had cut off one of his fingers, but because it wasn’t a “life threatening” injury he had to wait in line. After many hours I finally made it to the table. The person before me was seated on the other side of the curtain and I could hear his conversation with the doctor. This guy had come to the emergency because he twisted his ankle. While I’m there thinking I’m going to die, I have to listen to the doctor tell the guy to try not to walk on it, wrap it up, try to keep it elevated, blah, blah, blah.

This experience helped me to understand why Canada has such tight gun control laws. I can’t imagine people having to deal with that while they’re packing. Anyway, my ear drum ruptured while I was listening to this drivel, curled up on the table, blood running down the side of my head.

It seems obvious that we need to deal with the legal side of health care, not the medical side. Class-action lawsuits and frivolous malpractice suits need to be stopped. Take care of the legal problems with health care and you will have made the best health care system in the world even better.

Me and Obama

Some may have noticed the lack of posts on NevadaBrad mentioning our supreme leader, President Barack Obama. This is deliberate. I only mention him now for a few reasons. 1) to explain why I don’t mention him, 3) to ponder on a question I can’t seem to answer and 3) because Rush said something about Obama that I found interesting.

It often appears that the America I love is dissolving before my eyes. There are few leaders in Washington that represent the people. Heaven knows Harry Reid is only looking after his own interests. (Speaking of, the election is coming up – expect to start hearing about Yucca Mountain soon.) Obama is actively working to destroy everything that made this country great since the beginning of its history. I don’t think Obama thinks he wants to destroy America, but he certainly doesn’t want America to the be sole super-power. If you’ve ever read Skousen’s The Naked Capitalist, you can easily imagine that Obama is the leader that has been in the making since long before FDR. It is frustrating and I can’t find anything to joke about. I understand the frustration people may have had about George W. Bush, but BDS was just wacky. I won’t resort to the silly tactics of those who despised George W. Bush. I have simply decided to let my blog watch from the sidelines as much as possible. In a nutshell, that’s why I just don’t mention him when I can help it.

My question is this, and I sincerely would love to have an answer: How is it that the same people who constantly joke about Bush being a bumbling idiot now think that Obama is the greatest orator of all time? At best, Obama is predictable and boring when reading the teleprompter. Without the teleprompter he sounds like the new guy at Toastmasters. Worst of all, when you can actually understand what he is talking about it is absolutely terrifying. As an example, consider his statements on Israel. Or consider that he immediately issued a statement about the murder of an abortion doctor, but only issued a statement on the murdered soldier several days later after being embarrassed by talk radio. Obama certainly has nothing on Bush when it comes to speaking. I feel like I’m living in bizarro world.

Finally, Rush Limbaugh was on Hannity recently and made the following comment: “If al-Qaeda wants to demolish the America we know and love, they better hurry, because Obama is beating them to it.”

Later in the show, during the Great American Panel segment, a democratic strategist (I wish I could remember his name)  explained his problem with Rush’s comment. He said he disagreed with Rush’s analysis because  he felt that Rush was comparing Obama with the terrorists. This seems to be the main complaint against Rush for making this statement. I happen to love Rush’s comment because it’s true and it touches on a deeper problem, which obviously didn’t occur to our democratic strategist. The intent doesn’t matter – the results do. If al-Qaeda destroys America because they hate us or if Obama destroys our country because he thinks he’s helping people, at the end of the day the country is destroyed.

Suppose someone were to kill a member of your family. The brakes in their car failed and they hit your family member as they were crossing the street. Are you okay with this since it was an accident? Would you be less angry if they were maliciously murdered? You may have some sympathy in the first instance, but ultimately the result is the same and you will most likely feel the same type of suffering either way.

Rush’s scenario is essentially the same. Rush regularly says that with liberals it’s always the intent that matters and not the result. Obama is proving that idea once again.

The stimulus was a failure and failed to accomplish anything it was meant to do and yet we’re forging ahead with health care. The best government does a horrible job running itself – Obama’s government has already shown – and will continue to show – what the worst government will do.

So, there it is. Why I don’t talk about Obama.