I like Monopoly , but generally I don’t have the time nor enough interested friends to break out the board game on a regular basis. I usually play video game versions, which offer two significant advantages. First, you can blast through a full-blown game in 30-45 minutes. Second, you can be absoutely ruthless and don’t have to worry about offending the computer players.

Electronic Arts is the creator of the newest video game version of Monopoly, which I acquired a while back for the Wii . Unless you can pick it up for one or two bucks at a garage sale I wouldn’t bother purchasing this one. The game play is horrible and it just isn’t fun at all. If you want a fun video game version of Monopoly then grab Monopoly Party for Gamecube or PS2. ANYWAY, this isn’t a video game review, so let me get back on topic…

Born of the Great Depression, Monopoly is basically a caricature of capitalistic ideas. Now, EA has corrected that problem. Although EA’s Monopoly is horrible, they added a version of the game called the "Richest Edition", or as I call it, the "Obama Edition". In this version of the game, every time someone lands on a Community Chest space, the poorest player gets to take properties – including whole monopolies – away from the winning players. Additionally, the winning players are always put at a disadvantage when playing mini games as the start of each round. Often, the best strategy is to stay behind the other players so that you can be awarded all their property as the game goes on.

As frustrating as it is to always have your winnings taken away and given to the players who are not very good, it must be truly maddening to have this happen in real life. If nothing else, the game gives you a good taste of what life under Obama will be like. If Obama has a heart, he’ll take my Monopoly game away and redistribute it to someone else.

So You’re Stuck with McCain

Polls these days suggest that there are still somewhere between five and eight percent of the population that hasn’t decided on who to vote for.

Let me make this easy for you. Do NOT vote for Bob Barr! It’s true that you probably agree more with Bob Barr than John McCain; however, voting for Bob Barr will only create a repeat of the 1992 election in which Ross Perot handed the election to Bill Clinton.

All kidding aside, I understand that none of the undecideds are considering Bob Barr. Even though I agree with  much of what Bob Barr says I could never throw my support behind a candidate that aligns himself with the Libertarians . But that’s a subject for another post. The real issue is more serious.

How can a person be undecided? The differences between McCain and Obama are dramatic. I certainly don’t want to get into a lengthy discussion of all the differences but I would like to point out just a few of the obvious ones. Or at least the ones that matter most to me.

  • Abortion – Obama has even argued for murdering children born after unsuccessful abortions (more on this later)
  • Income redistribution
  • Personal Responsibility

Whenever I hear someone from the Obama campaign (or any other Obama supporter) get asked about Obama’s support of infanticide they always say the same thing: “Oh, come on! Do you really believe Obama wants to kill babies?” They never deny it and they cannot dispute it. Although not exhaustive, provides a reasonable introduction to the discussion. Even if this is inaccurate (which I don’t believe it is), the fact of the matter is that Obama’s stance on abortion is appalling.

I’m a little confused that there are so many people with either missing or broken moral compasses (another topic for an upcoming post). If you believe in life, freedom and all the other wonderful things the United States has to offer then you only have one choice. No matter how hard it is to put a check mark next to McCain’s name.

McCain the Pain

Until recently I haven’t had a strong opinion about who should win the Republican nomination. It seems that much of the debate surrounds the question, “Who can beat Hillary?”

Let me say this: If McCain wins the nomination then it doesn’t really matter whether we beat Hillary or not.

If Mike Huckabee didn’t make me a Romney supporter, then John McCain sure did. Huckabee looks rational and smooth on the surface, but he has shown his tolerance for attacking the Mormon faith as a way to try to gain support in the South. Whether slandering Mormons personally or allowing others to do his dirty work, Huckabee shows that he truly embraces the beliefs that so many Baptists share. This is certainly not who you want to have in the office of the President. What will be his first action? To reinstate the “extermination order“? This is ridiculous, of course, but it’s a good example of what happens when people with extremist views come into political power. Huckabee seems to be sinking like a lead weight, so the discussion is superfluous anyway.

Although the continuing failure of Mike Huckabee seems natural, the rise of Senator McCain seems entirely unnatural. Besides his anger management issues, he seems to regularly speak before thinking. He also seems to support some pretty crazy ideas. While I give him full credit for his stance on abortion and the war, I think he’s way off in areas of immigration, free speech and tax cuts. The issues of the war and abortion are more important than the other issues but I don’t believe McCain offers anything that Romney doesn’t.

As I’ve written previously, I have a problem with the fact that Romney was previously pro-choice; however, he has stated repeatedly that he is now pro-life and his record supports that claim. As for the war, I believe Romney will do just as well as McCain at fighting the terrorists. In fact, I think Romney’s demeanor is an asset compared to John McCain’s Howard Dean-esque style.

McCain has a few strengths, but he has an overwhelming number of weaknesses. He is no friend of the Republican party. If he wins the nomination then I don’t care who wins in November. Hopefully McCain can count on the Democrats and independents, because with Hillary or Obama as the other choice I probably just won’t vote…