ObamaTax and the Enslaving of America

What more can be said about the Supreme Court’s abominable decision last week regarding ObamaTax? Don’t worry, I’ll find something to say whether it’s worthwhile or not.

Two things occurred to me as I’ve been listening to the discussion. First, I realized just how close-minded those on the left are. Those on the right can completely understand why others want ObamaTax to stand. “Free” health care would be great. Not having to worry about pre-existing conditions would be awesome. It sounds dreamy and we get it. I doubt there are many on the right that do not understand why some people are so excited about the prospect of socialized medicine.

Now, should we take bets on whether any of the lefties understand why people are opposed to ObamaTax? I’d bet that it’s not many. I’d be surprised if they thought it was because we fear an enormous government. Or because we distrust our government becoming so intimately involved in one of the most private and important aspects of our lives. Or because we’re saddling ourselves with unthinkable debt when we’re already nearly $16t in the hole. Or because we believe that in a free country we should not be taxed and/or penalized for not doing something. Instead, consider the comments of Gene Jeffress where he suggests that those who oppose ObamaCare are racist.

Speaking of racism, why is it that black Americans are not outraged? Why is it that they continue to support this president? I’m not very good with math, but I’m going to do my best here. Currently, almost 9 million of the nearly 40 million black Americans are on food stamps. That’s about 22% of blacks compared to about 6% of whites on food stamps. Additionally, almost twice as many black Americans are below the poverty level as white Americans (25.8% vs. 12.3%). The unemployment rate for black Americans is hovering just below 14%, which is almost double the national average. All this with a black president in the White House!

The progressives, including our supreme leader, President Barack Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm), seek to enslave black Americans by making them dependent on government programs like food stamps and health care. Many people are fighting this tyrannical government, but far too many are willingly allowing the government to enslave them. A Pew Research Center poll from March shows that 83% of black Americans approve of ObamaTax while only 9% disapprove. After all the blood that was shed so that slaves could be free, why would their descendents willingly replace the shackles? Obama is not your friend. ObamaTax enslaves all Americans. The sooner we understand that and find a way to escape the better.

This Island America

For years we’ve been told how precious our planet is. It’s one of a kind. It’s the only Earth we’ve got. After years of bludgeoning the ozone with our CFCs and warming the planet with our carnivorous lifestyles, we’re finally starting to come around. We bring our Earth-friendly shopping bags to the store and we carefully try to reduce the temperature of our breath before exhaling. No one is more vigilant about preserving Mother Earth than those on the left. While those on the right are more into exercising “dominion” over the earth, the lefties have selflessly turned their lives over to the planet to protect what fragile life may still be left in her.

While this liberals and progressives will stop at nothing to find the medicine that will finally reduce Earth’s imaginary fever, they bare their hypocrisy when it comes to an imminent threat that is very real. If the the Earth is a lone oasis in a hostile universe then the United States is no less so. The world is full of hostile governments that exercise ruthless control over their populations. Even fairly free societies such as England make no bones about watching their citizens from cameras installed on every corner or denying people the right to bear arms. The United States is an island where people can believe and say whatever they want. Life and liberty are guaranteed. At least that’s the way it used to be.

Now, the same people who to control what kind of light bulbs we use for the sake of the planet are willing to annihilate an oasis that is no less miraculous than our incredible planet. People can go anywhere in the world and see progressive ideas in effect. Of course, this is especially true of health care since socialized medicine is available just about anywhere else you go. And yet America has a fantastic health care system – the best in the world. Somehow they did it without the government running it.

So, why can’t the lib-progs leave us alone? Why can’t they show the same interest in protecting America that they do protecting the planet from fictitious man-made climate change? America did not become the greatest country on Earth because of how hard we tried to be like everyone else. We need to take a stand. Harry Reid, Shelley Berkley and Dina Titus need to be thrown out for what they’ve done. Instead of standing for liberty and freedom they trampled our rights. Instead of giving everyone a chance to succeed they voted to make people dependent on the government.

The politicians in Washington are counting on people tiring of the debate before the November elections. Let’s show Washington that Obamacare is not a cure – it’s a festering wound and it’s only going to get worse between now and November. The cure is to clean the filth out of Washington and elect people who will restore our freedoms.

If you listen to Obama he will tell you to give America the painkiller instead of opting for the life saving surgery. He wants you to forget what they’re doing in Washington. We owe the United States of America – the greatest nation in the history of the world – at least the same respect that we show our planet. We have nowhere to retreat and the threat is real. Let’s choose the surgery and cut out the disease in Washington this November.

Class-action Reducks

Since my last post regarding trial lawyers, I did a little more research. Specifically, I paid a little more attention to the ads that were on TV and I looked at the local trial lawyer pool to see how they compared. I shouldn’t be surprised by what I found, but I will admit I was a little disappointed.

I saw ads for additional firms that were advertising for whatever it is they advertise for (mesothelioma, asbestos exposure, drug side-effects, etc. – pick one). One was Weitz & Luxenberg. Perry Weitz donated $28,500 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, in addition to $2300 and $2000 to John Edwards (WHAT!?!) for his 2008 and 2004 presidential runs respectively. He also gave $6600 collectively to Biden and Gephardt for their campaigns.

Working alongside Mr. Weitz is Arthur Luxenberg. He also donated $28,500 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, as well as $2100 and $2000 for John Edwards 2008 and 2004 campaigns. Collectively he also gave $8820 to other Democrat candidates since 2004. He actually donated $2000 to Joe Lieberman in 2004 – by far his least extreme donation.

So, I decided to look at some of the personal injury lawyers local to the Reno area. When I searched on Google the first firm that came up was Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney. I grabbed information for Bill Bradley, Joseph Bradley, Thomas Drendel and William Jeanney. Their donations break down as follows:

  • Bill Bradley – $2300 to John Edwards in 2007 and $1000 to Harry Reid in 2008
  • Joseph Bradley – $1000 to John Edwards in 2007 and $1500 to John Edwards in 2004
  • Thomas Drendel – $2000 to John Edwards in 2007 plus $1000 each to Harry Reid, Jill Derby, the Nevada State Democratic Party and the DNC
  • William Jeanney – $1500 to John Edwards in 2004 (Juanita Jeanney also gave $1500 to John Edwards in 2004)

It seems like there may be a pattern, but I can’t quite pick out what it is.

While looking up information, one name came up regularly – Peter Neumann. He is also a trial lawyer in the Reno area. He is apparently a very successful lawyer because he gave almost $36,000 to Democrat causes and candidates in 2008, almost $25,000 in 2006 and more than $30,000 in 2004. He even gave $1000 to Al Franken in 2008. Strangely, he also donated $3100 to John Edwards in 2008. Oops, that’s not strange. I meant it was strange that he only donated $500 to John Edwards in 2004.

Anyway, I could go on all day like this, but there really wouldn’t be a point. In an extremely inaccurate stab, I went back to the Fundrace webpage and typed “trial lawyer” into the occupation field and did a search. The result showed that trial lawyers had donated $25,551 to Republican candidates and $164,048 to Democrat candidates. The flaw is that this number does not include large donations such as the $28,500 donations made to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee or the DNC, for example. It also only gives a sampling – it’s not a complete list. I’m not sure how the page selects which donors will be included – it could be weighted heavily toward Republicans or Democrats. At face value it certainly illustrates what I’ve been trying to say.

Trial lawyers contribute more to our country’s health care problems than insurance companies. When trial lawyers are spending so much money making sure other trial lawyers are legislating then we can be assured that we will never see tort reform. We will never see our health care system improve. We will only see the corruption spread. John Edwards is the poster boy for what’s wrong with our legal system. Instead of despising him, the trial lawyers generally celebrate him and use their money to try to make him (or people like him) our president. To me, this is absolutely terrifying.

There is good news, though. If you are having trouble figuring out who to vote for, just look at who the trial lawyers are donating money to and then vote for that persons opponent. It makes research much easier. Had you done this, you would have voted against Harry Reid, Dina Titus and Jill Derby. It seems like a pretty safe system to me.

Class-action Health Care

Last month I pondered on Obamacare and mentioned that we should be addressing the legal issues with health care rather than revamping the entire medical system. I was thinking about this again yesterday and a question came to mind: why don’t progressives want to touch tort reform? Of course, it seems that all politicians are unwilling to tackle tort reform; however, the Democrats are in total control with our supreme leader, President Barack Obama, at the helm. Thus, the question falls squarely on them.

No answer is necessary. It didn’t take long for me to figure it out for myself.

Have you ever seen the TV commercials about mesothelioma, asbestos exposure or side-effects caused by any of a million different medications? It’s almost always the same handful of lawyers – James G. Sokolove seems to be the most common. I have always considered these people to be among the lowest of lifeforms on the planet. So, when dealing with health care reform, I began to wonder why the Democrats don’t address attorneys who keep health care costs high through malpractice lawsuits and other class-action lawsuits. I looked up some contribution information for the first law offices that came to mind. Of course, Sokolove was an obvious choice. I also looked at Reich and Binstock since they’ve been advertising lately. I wasn’t surprised by what I found.

First, Sokolove is based in Massachusetts and contributes a LOT of money to political causes. His contributions include $8,600 to John Edwards for his 2008 presidential bid. This is on top of a $28,500 contribution to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. He also had some smaller contributions to people like Mike Ciresi, most famous for his role in suing “big tobacco” where his firm collected at least $440 million in fees. Sokolove also donated $25,000 to the DNC leading up to the 2004 elections, in addition to at least $2,250 for John Edwards. It seems that Sokolove was donating thousands more to Edwards through family members, but that involves some speculation outside the scope of the current subject.

Next I looked at Dennis Reich of Reich and Binstock. His contributions were far more modest, but would you like to guess who has received his money in the past? Of course, John Edwards received a $1,000 donation for his 2004 presidential bid. Quite measly compared to the $5,000 he gave to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the $4,600 donation to Hillary Clinton leading up the the 2008 election.

Finally, I looked at Robert Binstock of Reich and Binstock. Shockingly, he gave $2,000 to John Edwards for his 2008 bid. He has also donated to other Democrat lawyers running for public office.

I’m all for anyone supporting anyone they want. The issue is that one of the biggest problems facing our country is rampant abuse of our legal system. Unfortunately, it seems that the people causing the problem are also the same people financing the party in power. The obvious solution, tort reform, is off the table because that would alienate a core constituency for the Democrats. The trial lawyers are supporting each other and working to elevate each other to positions of power. To take someone who abuses the law and put them them in a position where they are writing law seems to be a bad idea…

Almost as bad as putting a community organizer in the White House.

Just for the record, I am continuing to look into the subject and will gladly report any similar circumstances among Republicans. If you have useful information about this subject please feel free to contact me or post a comment. I collected information from a variety of sources, but was able to find corroborating information at http://fundrace.huffingtonpost.com/.

Impending Doom – the Story of Obamacare

It’s time to weigh-in on Obamacare. I speak with a little bit more experience than a lot of people because a) I lived in Canada for a couple of years and b) I experienced their health care firsthand on three different occasions. I can say from experience that socialized health care is LAME.

I could go on all night about this, but I’m going to try to keep it simple. Because it’s always a pleasure, I’ll start by pointing out yet another example of Democrat inconsistency, if not outright hypocrisy. During a press conference I saw one lady who talked about how her life is in ruins and she has lost almost everything because of cancer. She only had “hit by a bus” insurance, not cancer insurance. Every time I’ve heard a democrat talk about health care they talk about cancer. They like to talk about how much treatment costs and how awful it is. All of this is certainly true and I agree completely. My issue is that, as near as I’ve been able to tell, the United States spends about twice as much every year on AIDS research as they do on cancer research. I would think that bringing some of the AIDS money back to the US to work on cancer research would certainly help to lower costs and perhaps even find a cure. It just seems strange to me that we would spend so much more on a disease that is primarily spread through lifestyle decisions and spend less on a disease that mercilessly attacks innocent children. Democrats are the champions of fighting AIDS until they want socialized health care and then they are the sworn enemies of cancer.

Back to Canada! The things I heard most from Canadians were that taxes to pay for “free” health care were outrageously high, the best doctors didn’t stay in Canada – they moved to the United States and abuse of the system is rampant. I knew one person who regularly went to the emergency room to complain of a headache so that he could get Tylenol 3 (contains codeine).

As for my own experiences, I had surgery there after catching a foot in the face and having my nose broken. I saw a doctor and had the surgery completed without any issue. I really have nothing bad to say about the experience other than I wish I wouldn’t have been kicked in the face (it was an accident). I think the care was better because I’m American and they were getting paid with American dollars. My other experience occurred when I got an ear infection. The pain was so excruciating that I didn’t think there was any way that I could tolerate it. I was living second by second. I’m probably just a wuss, but it hurt. I went to the emergency room and there were at least 40 other people waiting for care. One guy had cut off one of his fingers, but because it wasn’t a “life threatening” injury he had to wait in line. After many hours I finally made it to the table. The person before me was seated on the other side of the curtain and I could hear his conversation with the doctor. This guy had come to the emergency because he twisted his ankle. While I’m there thinking I’m going to die, I have to listen to the doctor tell the guy to try not to walk on it, wrap it up, try to keep it elevated, blah, blah, blah.

This experience helped me to understand why Canada has such tight gun control laws. I can’t imagine people having to deal with that while they’re packing. Anyway, my ear drum ruptured while I was listening to this drivel, curled up on the table, blood running down the side of my head.

It seems obvious that we need to deal with the legal side of health care, not the medical side. Class-action lawsuits and frivolous malpractice suits need to be stopped. Take care of the legal problems with health care and you will have made the best health care system in the world even better.