The 2016 Election – Part I

A couple of months ago I sat down and collected my thoughts about the 2016 election and the insanity that is Donald Trump. I never got around to posting what I wrote for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it doesn’t matter. It may seem like I’m wallowing in the hopelessness of it all, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. So, with some crude editing to make what I originally wrote somewhat coherent, here’s part I of my thoughts on the 2016 election:

Here’s a game to play: ask a Trump supporter to explain why they’re voting for Trump without using any comparison to Hillary Clinton. Hopefully you have some popcorn with you because the response will likely be very entertaining. If the person is able to make an intelligible argument it will probably boil down to something like “maybe he’s not lying”. This line of thinking is rooted in the hope that Trump’s campaign promises reflect his current values and beliefs, even though they are 180 degrees from everything he professed to believe prior to announcing his run. This is to hope against hope and reason.

To believe what Trump has promised is to believe that at 70 he has turned from everything he has ever believed. It is to believe that he suddenly wants to do something good after a lifetime of harming others for his own gain. He represents false capitalism, crony capitalism. His supporters hold him up as a genius in the world of business, but after looking at the facts I don’t believe there is any evidence of this. His finances have been the subject of debate between many people much smarter than I, so I won’t say much more. In summary, he didn’t build a successful empire with only a $1 million loan from his dad (fact). If he’s worth what he says he’s worth then he’s merely a very average businessman who has succeeded only in not losing all of his money. I believe that he’s worth far less than he claims, which is why he guards his tax returns so jealously.

Trump supporters will yell about the Supreme Court all. Day. Long. But, again, this is wishful thinking. Why would he nominate a strict Constitutionalist when he places no value on the Consititution? He has floated a list of names that looks fine. Trump supporters fail to realize that regurgitating a list of names is not the same as actually putting someone on the bench. Even if Trump were to pick someone like Mike Lee, would Democrats go along? Would Republicans go along? The fact of the matter is that any Originalist pick would be met with resistance. Does Trump care enough about having a strict Originalist that he’ll fight? Just look at how much trouble George W. Bush had with his picks, even with a Republican majority. The strongest argument the Trump supporter can make is that “at least there’s a chance”. It’s a pretty slim chance.

One other explanation you may hear is that “Trump raised great kids” (as if that alone were a qualifying factor for a presidential candidate). Well, by Trump’s own admission he didn’t play much of a role in raising  his kids. You can Google the topic and find all sorts of comments he’s made about the issue (in case you’re interested in the truth). Trump summed it up pretty well when he said, “I mean, I won’t do anything to take care of them”. I don’t know much about his kids so I can’t say whether they are good people or not. If they are, it’s in spite of him and not because of him. Based on Trump’s own comments, the greatest contribution he made to their childhood is shopping for a new mom every once in a while.

So, why spend time talking about Trump when Hillary Clinton is obviously so horrible? Well, that’s just the point. She’s terrible and yet still winning the election. Democrats will complain all day long about Republicans and then become completely blind to the faults of their own candidates. Need proof? Think back to all the horrible things Democrats said about George W. Bush and his “blood for oil” wars. Consider that not only has Obama continued the wars, but there have been far more deaths under Obama than under Bush. Remember when they talked about that on the news? Didn’t think so.

Republicans are supposed to be different. Republicans were outraged by the bailout. They destroyed candidates who supported Obamacare. They were furious with Bush for expanding Medicare. And now, the Republicans have become identical to the Democrats. They’ve nominated a big government Progressive who is opposed to all the things Republicans supposedly value. There is really no difference between a Trump supporter and an Obama supporter. They’ve made an idol out of their candidate and are now immune to reason.

Up next: “So what? He’s still better than Hillary!”

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